How to start with training and a healthy diet

If you don’t want to choose from many different diets, training programs, etc., for this case in this article we will consider the standard rules of healthy eating and training for beginners. 

How to start to eat well?

The first thing to remember is a clear standard healthy diet scheme. It will help you once for all to learn what and when you need to eat during the day. Therefore, in the classic sense of healthy eating, we should have 5 meals.

Breakfast = complex carbohydrates and/or protein (long-term oatmeal, a handful of berries or nuts, sugarless muesli, fruit smoothie, scrambled eggs, etc.). Sweets, if you want, it is also better to eat for breakfast and up to noon.

The first snack = depending on the density of breakfast, it can be nuts, any fruit, some dried fruits, whole grain bread with curd cheese, etc.

Lunch = carbohydrates + protein + fiber. For example, buckwheat with baked chicken + vegetable salad.

Second snack = protein or some slow carbohydrates. The main thing, as in the first snack, is to monitor the portion size. A snack should not be as big as lunch.

Dinner = protein + fiber. Chicken / meat / beans / eggs / cottage cheese + salad.

This is a very simple and working scheme of a balanced diet.

Make a shopping list

Yes, you can come to the store like you used to do and put the usual set of products in the basket. But! We change our habits, so make sure that the shopping list contains poultry meat, vegetables, and fruits of different colors, herbs, cottage cheese, whole grain bread, eggs.

Buy more greens

In continuation of the previous paragraph – there should be a lot of greens! This is not just a little onion, but a full plate of different types of green salad. You will certainly understand the feeling of freshness that occurs after consuming a large amount of greenery.

Do not go to cafes and shops hungry

Each of us bought or ordered too much excess and useless food. Stop doing it!

Replace canned food with freeze

Salted tomatoes, pineapple from a jar are all delicious, but the amount of salt and industrial preservatives should make you think about it. Instead, it is best to put in a basket a pack of frozen green beans and a mixture of vegetables. Modern quick freezing is useful and allows you to save vitamins from vegetables and fruits.

Stop eating junk food!

Eat natural sugar

Honey and fruit should replace sweets and white sugar in tea. Sweet tea will instantly enter the bloodstream and upset stability.

Do not count calories!

It is not true that a healthy diet is about a careful calculation of calories and weighing each gram. The only thing to take care of is the serving volume. You will be fed up with half a plate of spaghetti if you add a fresh vegetable salad to the diet.

Drink water

Standard, but very important and crucial! Be sure to make sure that the body receives the right amount of clean water.

Training plan

Even though proper nutrition guarantees 90% success in losing weight, this is only the first level of long-term changes. If you want to have a healthy body, diet only is indispensable. It is necessary to proceed to the next stage – to start training.

However, for many, workout remains a real problem – someone is shy of his obesity to go to the gym, someone is justified by the lack of time for training, someone complains that his excess weight makes it difficult to train, and someone just does not know where to begin. There can be many reasons.

However, there is always a solution. Let’s see how you can effectively deal at home without training equipment or with its minimum set.

Training at home

You need to start practicing gradually, without overloading your body’s systems and precious joints. But where to start?


Experts recommend starting with low-intensity workouts, and this is logical. You can and should start with very easy training, practicing the most popular type of cardio training – walking. If you move very slow but want to start training, take daily 10-15-minute walks at a pace that is comfortable for you, gradually increasing their duration to 40 minutes.

Power training

Cardio training has its advantages, but it is strength training that can gradually accelerate and maintain metabolism at the right level even at rest (when you are not exercising), as well as give elasticity to the muscles.

How to do at home without equipment? Easy! The are many exercises that can be successfully practiced at home. Moreover, you can conduct an effective training of the whole body in one training session.

So, we will develop an example of an effective home workout for weight loss.

Before each workout, be sure to give 10 minutes to a good workout. So you prepare the muscles and ligaments for work and minimize the risk of injury.

After the warm-up, proceed with the five exercises in the sequence outlined below.

1. Squats with own weight – 3 approaches on the maximum number of repetitions.

Squats mainly affect the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Also, this is one of the exercises that burn the most calories due to the participation of the largest muscles.

2. Push-ups from high support/push-ups from the knees – 3 approaches for the maximum number of repetitions.

With the help of push-ups, you train the muscles of the entire shoulder girdle – chest, shoulders, triceps and even a little back.

3. Bench press standing or sitting dumbbell – 3 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

Dumbbell presses help to form beautiful shoulders, as well as load the triceps muscles, an area of ​​which is problematic in women.

4. Twisting on the floor – 2 sets per max. several repetitions.

5. Reverse twists – 2 sets per max. some repetitions.

Twisting and reverse twisting are effective exercises for training the abdominal muscles. However, remember that even the most effective abs exercise does not burn belly fat. It only depends on the diet.

At the beginning of training, rest after each approach and exercise for as long as you need. With an increase in the level of training, gradually reduce the periods of rest, bringing them to 1 minute.

The more fluid you lose with sweat, the more you need to replenish its reserves. Drinking 1-1.5 liters of water during training should become a habit.

As you can see, in one training session you can work out almost the entire body, which will give a good metabolic response. To get started, do this training once a week and do not forget about hiking on other days. Over time, you should switch to 2, and then to 3 such workouts per week, doing them every other day.

To summarize, such a program would be a great option for beginners. Also, it is quite easy to “switch” to it from your habits.

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