Do you need water pills for weight loss

The pursuit of desired results sometimes leads to dangerous decisions. As in the case of weight loss: people start taking meds, and water pills (or diuretics) are often among them. In this article, we will consider how dangerous such meds are, whether they really help to lose weight and how to use them correctly if there is such a need.

As we said earlier, recently, a popular way to fight with overweight is to use water pills for weight loss. This method is based on removing excess fluid from the human body. This leads to a reduction of swelling of all organs and tissues and weight loss.

Diuretic action for weight loss

90% of fat tissue is water. As it was established by scientists that 1 g of carbohydrates, which the body receives from the outside, can retain 4 g of water. A diuretic removes excess fluid along with urine.

Taking diuretics for weight loss will help you see the new number on the scales, but you will not get rid of fat tissue. The fat will remain, you will only get rid of water and salt. And after a couple of glasses of water, the water balance will quickly recover. Only a doctor can prescribe a diuretic for successful weight loss.

Chemical diuretic for weight loss

Diuretics for weight loss can be the natural and chemical origin. All of them are used to remove excess fluid through the kidneys. Diuretic for weight loss eliminates swelling of organs and tissues. Besides, these funds prevent the absorption of salts, and the kidneys should work more actively, removing waste products from the liquid.

The most important thing to remember: diuretic diet pills remove from the body the necessary trace elements and salts along with the liquid. In this regard, if you use this method of weight loss for a long time, you can harm your health.

If you decide to take diuretic diet pills, be sure to consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary dosage for you.

Natural diuretic for weight loss

Natural diuretics are made from natural ingredients; they are diuretic herbs for weight loss. These, of course, is a safer method than chemical diuretics, but their use should also be approached with caution.

Safe diuretic herbs for weight loss are chamomile, elderberry, and cornflowers. Reception of the same plant for a long period leads to the fact that the body gets used to it. Then the effectiveness of it is significantly reduced.

If you decide to take diuretic herbs for weight loss, you should first reduce your salt intake and start consuming a lot of water. Water will play the role of a diuretic, cleansing the body of toxins. Different diuretic herbs for weight loss have different effects on the urethra. In this regard, only a doctor can prescribe the necessary herbs.

Diuretic Benefits for Weight Loss

A diuretic helps to lose weight by removing a large amount of excess fluid. Bodyweight is reduced, but the fat remains.

In most cases, diuretics for weight loss simultaneously cleanse the body. But you should not get carried away with this method since along with toxins and the necessary elements for the body are also removed. Also, severe dehydration cannot affect appearance in the best way.

Diuretic for weight loss is inexpensive. Therefore, this can also be attributed to the benefits. The safest and most harmless diuretics are green tea and watermelons. Thus, to lose weight, a diuretic of this type can be used without worrying about health.

Harmful diuretics for weight loss

Judging by the reviews, a diuretic for weight loss can lead to terrible consequences. The thing is that potassium and sodium salts are removed from the body with water. Potassium is responsible for the normal functioning of the heart.

Hence, side effects such as severe weakness due to loss of electrolytes, rhythm disturbances, muscle cramps, dizziness due to weak pressure, headache, sweating, visual impairment, nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting. Is fighting overweight worth our health?

What do nutritionists say?

Water pills reviews are good, but only at the beginning. Since the withdrawn liquid returns immediately after taking the tablets. Then everyone feels the action of diuretics on themselves.

Moreover, people who use them are well aware that the effect of weight loss is achieved only by removing water. Nevertheless, they hope for the best.

Remember, the use of diuretics is not only a taking pill to lose weight, but it is also quite harmful.

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