How dehydration interferes with weight loss

The human body consists of two-thirds of water, if this number decreases, the pathological changes in the cells occur. Water guarantees constant work to all vital organs.

Thirst or hunger?

A feeling of thirst and hunger are formed simultaneously. First of all, we satisfy the body’s need for food, even when it asked for water. The problem is compounded. Studies prove that in 80% of cases a person wants to drink, but not to eat.

Another reason why a person gets these two sensations confused is that water enters the body with food as well.

Imagine how much bread or fruit you need to eat to satisfy your body’s need for a glass of water. All other components of products containing water, in this case, are calories, which we do not need.

To distinguish one from the other, if you want to eat earlier than planned, drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes if the feeling is still there, then you probably really want to eat.

Evidence of dehydration:

• Dry and viscous mouth;

• Anxiety;


• Nausea;

• Bad breath;

• Aggressiveness;

• Deteriorating complexion;

• Urine becomes saturated color.

Why do we need to drink water?

One of the important functions of water is to dilute the content of salts and other harmful substances in the body, thus ensuring its purification.

If less water is supplied than is required, then toxins will accumulate in the body, continuing to exert its destructive effect on all organs.

Without water that our body needs, food is digested more slowly, metabolism is disrupted, and the process of losing weight will not start.

Sometimes, many people use “fat-burning” wishing to find ideal forms, but it is necessary only by professional athletes before the competition.

How to avoid dehydration

The answer is to drink water. It is necessary to choose clean water.

Start your morning with a glass of water

This will be enough to help the body to wake up, start metabolic processes, wash away everything that has accumulated overnight.

Drink water before eating

This will help not to confuse the feeling of hunger with thirst and eat exactly as much as your body need.

Drink water instead of sweetwater, coffee, and juices.

Develop a useful habit always to have a small bottle of water with you.

What can insufficient water level in the body cause?

Some fear that heavy drinking provokes edema, and therefore increases weight. Water accelerates metabolism, which, combined with proper nutrition and active training, influence weight loss.

You need to drink water as much as you want. If you want to drink, drink it! The need for water depends on the metabolic rate, the level of thyroid hormones, and muscle.

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