Secret Adele’s diet plan: how the singer lost 45 kilograms

Change beyond recognition, but still remain yourself? As it turned out, nothing is impossible for Adele.

Unbelievable, but true – in total over the past couple of years, Adele managed to lose 45 kilograms. The celebrity proudly demonstrated the results of working on herself in bold outfits while relaxing in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, fans of the singer, who were lucky enough to encounter their idol, did not immediately recognize her – according to them, Adele has changed a lot, but she looks “fantastic and very happy”.

Adele herself does not reveal the secret of losing weight, but sources close to the celebrity said that fitness trainer Camila Goodis helped her in this. The trainer shared with the tabloid Goodies Exclusive the story of working with the singer: “I really trained her. The funny story is that I really had no idea who Adele was. She just gave birth to a baby. So Pilates was just perfect for her. At the end of the session, she left, and then I thought: “She looks a little like Adele.”

The Brazilian woman helped the star begin her “fitness journey” after the singer’s girlfriend Aida Field, the wife of Robbie Williams, recommended her to Adele. In an interview, Goodies also noted that Adele still believes that the true reason for losing weight is not training – the singer does not like physical activity too much – but a special diet.

In this, other sources close to Adele agree with Goodis, who has repeatedly said that the main secret of the star’s fantastic weight loss is the adjusted diet. Adele has reduced sugar intake as much as possible, and she also adheres to a food-free diet.

The syringe food system, developed by nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, is positioned not so much as a diet, but as an anti-aging express program that will bring the body to its peak. Goggins calls it a “performance stimulator” and especially recommends it to football players, rugby players, and participants in sea regattas (in the early stages of popularizing certified food, this was his main audience). Ideal for newlyweds, taking into account the length and energy costs of the wedding marathon!

The main thing about sirtfood

Goggins and Marten – certified nutritionists (and Aidan is also a pharmacist) – formed the basic principles of the diet after a careful study of the beneficial properties of the biologically active substance resveratrol. Resveratrol is found in the skin of grapefruit, and therefore in red wine, and gives the drink a bouquet of useful properties – antioxidant, hypocholesterolemic, cardioprotective and even anti-cancer. Of course, we are talking about the use of wine in reasonable quantities and subject to age and therapeutic indications.

Goggins and Marten emphasized that the use of certain products – in particular, walnuts, capers, red onions, and dark chocolate – activates the production of sirtuins in the body, which helps the cells to actively regenerate. It is important to understand that sirtuins, although they are proteins, are not the kind that can be obtained from the outside: they cannot simply be “picked up” like vitamins, with food, eating a handful of nuts, or a plate of vegetables. But you can start the mechanism of sirtuin formation. Some products are really capable of this, primarily those that are rich in polyphenols.

Based on the results of research and reflection, nutritionists drew up a seven-day nutritional plan based on sirtfoods. It is designed to help not only quickly lose weight, but also to activate the hidden reserves of the body and properly boost it, literally rebooting. The good news is that many of the products that Goggins and Matten recommend appear on our table daily, and some (like chocolate, coffee, and wine) won’t even have to be discarded.

So, the main sirfoods are buckwheat, capers, celery, chili, dark chocolate (with cocoa beans content of at least 85%), coffee, olive oil (of course, Extra Virgin), green tea (ideal match), kale cabbage, garlic, dates, arugula, parsley, chicory, red onions, red wine (ideally Pinot Noir), soybeans, dark berries (cherries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries), turmeric, walnuts.

Sirt Food Diet Scheme

It is conditionally divided into two phases. The quick phase, like a kind of march throw, will allow you to lose 3-3.5 kg in a week and quickly reboot the body. It is recommended to repeat it every three months, even for those who constantly adhere to the principles of sirtfood nutrition.

First, the second and third day

On the day you need to drink three servings of green juice and arrange one full meal from sirtfoods. The maximum number of calories per day is 1000.

Fourth to seventh days

You need to adhere to the following plan: two servings of green juice per day and two meals from sirtfoods. The maximum number of calories per day is 1500. General rules: drink juices 1-2 hours before eating; do not eat after seven in the evening; do not drink alcohol (instead of it – a lot of water, coffee, and green tea); for dessert – a piece of dark chocolate.

The second phase is the consolidation of the result. General rules: one serving of green juice per day (30 minutes before breakfast or instead of a snack before lunch) and three meals with a maximum content of sirtfoods. Dinner should be no later than 7 pm. Semi-finished foods are excluded from the diet, the amount of red meat is reduced (up to 500 grams per week). You can eat bread and rolls (whole grains) and drink red wine (2-3 times a week). Dinner no later than 7 pm.

The effectiveness of sirtfood diet

Is the Sirfood Diet So Effective? If you believe the adherents of sirfoods (and judging by the changes in appearance – even Adele weight loss, even Pippa Middleton, even Prince Harry), it perfectly helps to urgently get in shape, including, to lose a couple of extra pounds before an important event. But here it must be taken into account that the Sirfood diet has been harshly criticized by the nutritional community as not complying with the EatWell Guide – the recommendations of the National Health Service of England.

Firstly, the sharp restriction of calorie intake, which will necessarily entail a slowdown in metabolic rate, is confusing. Honestly evaluate strength: if you reduce calorie by half and still love to eat, be prepared that when you return to the previous nutritional indicators of the menu, the weight may return and even with an increase. Secondly, the “taste” value of the diet ─ you can have both wine and chocolate is very insignificant, because, with the calorie content of these products, their quantity will be minimal (if you follow the indicated fork 1000-1500 calories). Thirdly, nutritionists advise not to forget that a sharp weight loss in the first week is mainly due to the removal of excess fluid from the body. This means that the stored body fat will begin to melt only after 7 days of diet and subject to regular visits to the gym.

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