Does soylent help to lose weight

Nowadays everything develops and changes extremely quickly and people spend more and more time on activities that will develop their career, improve the quality of life, etc. We are so passionate about this process that we often forget about the things that are necessary for our health and everyday life: sports, time for rest, family activities and proper diet. The industry has long supported the concept of “snacking on-the-go” by offering us the widest breadth of fast food, which, as you know, is bad for our health.

A few years ago, this innovation made a step forward: a resident of San Francisco, Reinhart created soylent – liquid food and began to test it on himself. He shared the results on his blog while improving the quality and composition of the product.

In general, Rob gathered a nutrition team and designed Soylent, a nutritious shake based on whey, oatmeal, fat, and a complex of multivitamins. After testing this product, Reinhart raised investment and launched Soylent into production. In his interviews, the inventor described his diet in such a way: “I am standing in my kitchen, in front of me are five bags of beige powder.”

What is Soylent?

A drink is a mixture of carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, and many vitamins. Thanks to external investments, the Solent cost was reduced to $ 2 per 400 kilocalories (or $ 70 / month).

The product made a splash, especially among scientists, engineers, and students who would prefer to switch from traditional food to Soylent during periods when they are too busy programming or studying and they don’t have time to prepare food.

However, the product was well known only among the first consumers, not only because of the novelty and complexity of its cooking but also because initially Soylent was positioned as “a replacer of the traditional food.”

How do people lose weight by consuming soylent?

The new ready-to-eat mixture with vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are necessary for the human body, is designed for customers who have no time to cook food and would like to diversify their routine. The company noted in its blog that Soylent 2.0 will help consumers opt-out of fast food and snacks between breakfast and lunch.

In other words, Soylent 2.0 is looking for its customers among those who already buy such drinks. Its main competitors in the market are, first of all, such companies that sell similar food substitutes. Do not forget about the manufacturers of diet smoothies and protein drinks, designed for athletes and people who adhere to a special diet.

Soylent 2.0 is described by the manufacturer as a vegan drink whose calorie content comes from algae. It has a low glycemic index, as 47 percent of its food energy comes from healthy fats, 33 percent from “slow” carbohydrates, and 20 percent from protein. This provides constant energy release.

Each Soylent 2.0 bottle contains 20 percent of the daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals. The product can be stored for one year in a non-refrigerated condition.

1 liter of Soylent contains 1000 kcal. Thus, it will be very convenient for people who lose weight to use it, while calculating their calorie intake. But since the safety of the Soylent has not been fully studied, and besides, many people get bored with this drink quickly, ask yourself before buying: “Can I find some free time in my schedule for cooking and eat better?”

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