Losing weight with a star: Jennifer Hudson’s diet

Losing weight with a star: Jennifer Hudson’s diet

Over the past few years, American actress and singer Jennifer Hudson has lost 40 kilograms. After the birth of her son, the star seriously took up her figure. Hudson managed to lose 36 kilograms, and now she is an inspiring example for all women. We will reveal the secrets of her weight loss.

Hudson’s “before” and “after” photographs dazzle the entire Internet. Still, the girl was able to radically change her body without the help of plastic surgery. Hudson became a star, being very full. But to fight overweight, which still interfered with the star, despite fame and popularity, Jennifer decided during pregnancy. Immediately after the birth of a baby, she began the struggle for a beautiful body. First of all, the girl refused fried food and began to train actively: running, Tai-bo, basketball, and cycling (training on a stationary bike) were included in her training program. The example of Jennifer was contagious: now all members of her family are engaged in their bodies.

About her workout plan

Jennifer Hudson weight loss started with a slow and thoughtful strategy to combat overweight: she started the load with walking, increasing the number of steps per day, then transferred to a bicycle and gradually switched to professional training in the gym and tai-bo at home.

“People don’t believe that you can really do it. It annoys me the most. I hear so many different comments. When this happened and you got it, someone always tries to discredit you. They say:“ Yes, she did the plastic! “

The bad experience of those who were engaged in such things makes people think narrowly and not believe in the real possibilities of man. But you can do it – and I’m an example. The weight loss system works if you work on it. You will have to work. And many people think, “Oh no, I can’t.” But this is not so. It can actually happen. “- Jennifer shares her experience.

About her diet

For the diet, Jennifer Hudson took a more decisive approach: according to her, the key point was a change in eating consciousness, which was preceded by reflection and analysis. Indeed, in order to effectively lose weight, you need to change your attitude to food. Otherwise, you will constantly break down.

“The most difficult thing is when you lose weight more than you need, and then you need to eat, eat, eat. But you can’t lose control over yourself, because you can gain weight again. It’s hard to be vigilant. And the key to the diet is that you don’t need to try to keep the bar, but you just need to trust the plan and continue to follow it.

I love chocolate chip cookies. And a big fan of ice cream. And I can eat chocolate, ice cream, and nuts, and if you do not exceed the portion, there will be no harm from them,” – Jennifer convinces.

Jennifer gives tips on how to lose weight during quarantine

  1. When writing a weekly menu, immediately prepare a shopping list at grocery stores. And immediately distribute what day you will cook. On certain days, for example, chicken and fish should be caught. One day you should put a light vegetable salad for dinner and hearty beef steak for lunch, etc.
  2. You can not skip breakfast, even if there is no feeling of hunger. Each breakfast should be balanced and nutritious – 50% of the daily intake of carbohydrates should be for breakfast, leave 30% for proteins, 20% for fats.
  3. Dinner should contain predominantly protein. For example, low-fat cottage cheese, baked chicken meat or steamed fish.
  4. Snacks, lunch – the right and balanced snacks between the main meals. But they should not turn into a full meal. Harvest fresh fruits (one banana, 150-200 grams of grapes, one large apple), fresh or boiled vegetables (cabbage, tomato, carrots, radishes, etc.), dried fruits or nuts (the latter should be unsalted and not to the extent more than 30 g per reception).
  5. When counting calories, take away burned during physical activity. For example, if you are going to move around the city all day on foot or have planned cycling for a long distance, increase the diet for this day. Plan the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins, and have a good breakfast before you leave home.
  6. Drink simple drinking water – not chilled and not boiling water (it cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and starts metabolic processes). Useful for losing weight green tea (it speeds up the metabolism, replenishes the body’s need for antioxidants and perfectly dampens the appetite).
  7. You can drink coffee, but its high-calorie variations (latte or cappuccino) should be consumed only before dinner.

Sample menu for the week

First day

Morning meal: rice 200 g, butter 10 g, one banana or one apple, black coffee.

Snack: dried gray bread, boiled egg, tomato.

Daily meal: steamed mackerel 200 g, Beijing cabbage salad with peas and sunflower oil 180 grams.

Second snack: low-fat cottage cheese 120 g with a spoon of 10% sour cream, green apple, 200 ml of tea.

Evening meal: boiled vegetables 220 g, baked piece of beef 140 g

Second day

Morning meal: a sandwich from a slice of whole-grain bread, creamy cottage cheese, and cucumber slice, grapes 100 g, tea or coffee with honey.

Snack: cottage cheese 50 g with a teaspoon of honey.

Daily meal: meat broth 200 g, fresh salad from Beijing cabbage with cucumber and tomato seasoned with lemon juice.

Second snack: red apple and one kiwi, green or herbal tea.

Evening meal: lean beef 200 g, two fresh cucumbers.

The third day

Morning meal: boiled oatmeal without milk – 210 g, a spoonful of honey, avocado and unsweetened coffee.

Snack: pine nuts or walnuts 60 g, green apple, tea, a circle of lemon.

Daily meal: brown rice 150 g, the same number of stewed vegetables.

Second snack: casserole from cottage cheese, semolina, banana 150 g, herbal tea.

Evening meal: peeled seafood 200 g, two cucumbers, and one tomato.

Fourth day

Morning meal: oatmeal in milk 200 g, fresh raspberries, blackberries, blueberries or strawberries – 100 g.

Snack: non-fat unsweetened yogurt 100 g, a teaspoon of honey and freshly brewed black coffee.

Daily meal: baked low-fat fish 250 g, sauerkraut 130 g.

Second snack: salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, seasoned with low-fat sour cream 200 g.

Evening meal: baked chicken 200 g without skin, sprinkled with 30 g of parmesan, plus two cucumbers.

Fifth day

Morning meal: mashed potatoes in water 200 g with the addition of 30 g butter, one boiled egg, one cucumber.

Snack: green tea and two kiwis.

Daily meal: mushroom soup with pearl barley 260 g, a dried slice of bread or crackers and 10 g of cheese.

Second snack: homemade casserole of cottage cheese, raisins, and yogurt 150 g.

Evening meal: 200 g baked hake and 100 g seaweed.

Sixth day

Morning meal: whipped omelet from two eggs and 150 ml of milk, freshly brewed black coffee.

Snack: grapefruit or pomelo.

Daily meal: baked potatoes 150 g with mushrooms 100 g, chicken baked 70 g.

Second snack: kefir or low-fat drinking yogurt 200 ml, one green apple.

Evening meal: low-fat cottage cheese 150 g without added sugar, two apples baked in the oven.

Seventh day

Morning meal: millet porridge in water 200 g with butter 30 g, a glass of black tea without sugar.

Second morning meal: kiwi and banana.

Daily meal: steamed vegetable casserole + 20 g of cheese – 250 g, boiled chicken fillet – 100 g.

Second snack: boiled shrimp 200 g, carrot or tomato juice 200 ml.

Evening meal: steamed fishcake 150 g, boiled white rice 100 g, one tomato.

Follow these tips and you will notice how you cut weight in a week! Share with us your experience in the comments!

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