Can I have a training session twice a day

Even with a great desire to do fitness twice a day and the confidence that you can cope with it, often there is no understanding of how safe it is for health. The pros seem to outweigh the cons. Double occupations seriously reduce the “sitting” hours that harm health, including risks up to an early death. And, of course, an increase in the load cannot but affect the results of the training sessions – it will be much easier to get into the right shape with such an intensity of training.

To understand whether it is worth adding workouts twice a day to your fitness schedule, you should find out how many classes are generally considered optimal for visitors to fitness clubs.

Once a week training

One training session per week is better than nothing, but in general, it is “nothing”, because such a regime does not give a sustainable result. Even during pregnancy, guests of fitness clubs should exercise regularly – for example, three times a week, or even four. Otherwise, “one-time” training will deplete the nervous system. Together with hormones, she first experiences rise and leaves her dormant state, and then returns to her original state again in a week, rebuilding the body to work with a slower metabolism. As soon as this happened, they are again “invigorated” by training, which becomes stress, and not a variant of the norm.

If you do it every two days, then the body will have a prepared response to the training program – adaptation to the load. Adaptation will be manifested in a decrease in the fat component, strengthening muscle mass, and so on. Thus, twice a week is the best option compared to once.

Optimal training regularity

The optimal number of visits for the average fitness guest is three. For three workouts, you can work out each muscle group. The body will be able to switch to a higher metabolic rate. The person will see the result much earlier than during two-time training. Three workouts a week discipline and at the same time do not have time to get bored, and also do not bring a person to a state of fatigue from training.

Four to five workouts per week is a schedule that does not fit 90% of our guests. If we are talking about an athlete at the amateur level, then this is a possible option. In preparation for the competition, it is necessary to engage 6 times a week 2 times a day, but this period lasts about a month before the start. This is enough.

Training twice a day: yes or no?

A person can have training sessions twice a day, but it should be training in different directions. It’s great if a person has enough time and motivation; then in the morning he can have 30-minute cardio, and in the evening – strength work for an hour. Most often they are combined in a single workout, but for better recovery, these types of loads are best separated. So, two-time training within one day is a good solution.

In general, there are no contraindications to training twice a day. You just need to correlate this training regimen with your lifestyle: if a person has a busy schedule, sleep less than 8 hours a day, then the introduction of another session can lead to training fatigue.

How to avoid fatigue from training during classes twice a day?


It is necessary that a person eats properly and has a diet that meets the stresses – for a good recovery. If you can’t fully eat, you can resort to nutritional supplements (adaptogens, complex amino acids, vitamins, etc.) – but only if there is normal, sufficient sleep.

Sleeping time

It is necessary to sleep well, at least 8 hours, and preferably 9 if you can add another hour during the day.

Training program

It is important that the trainer divide the load correctly. After all, it may be that a person sleeps well and eats properly, but too much stress during these two workouts will ultimately affect a person. The coach will not allow the critical condition to occur.

Thus, if a person can observe the conditions of recovery, then you can train twice a day. But it is important to remember that it is not worth to start training twice a day right now. If a person has trained three times a week and decided that he will be engaged in these three days twice, it is worth adding one training every next week. As a result, you can switch to the new schedule in three weeks. Everything should be done gradually, given that overtraining can occur in people of large cities, exposed to stress, especially quickly.

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