Bradley Cooper workout routine: 3-2-1

Bradley Cooper is a popular American actor, a four-time Academy Award nominee, and the sexiest man of 2011. In recent years, the popularity of Bradley is only growing, and he pleases his fans and fans with an excellent physical shape.

If you watched the movie “Team A”, then you probably noticed that the commando, played by Cooper, was in excellent physical shape. We wondered how Cooper had reached such a form in preparation for the shooting, and we found his training program, which can be abbreviated as “3-2-1”.

Bradley Cooper deadlift strategy

Training “3-2-1” allows you to work out the whole body in one training session and consists of a power unit, apart with cardio loads and a separate unit – exercises for the abdominal muscles. You should agree, this is exactly what you need.

The name of the program is due to the fact that it includes: 3 cardio sessions, 2 “laps” of power loads and 1 approach for training abs muscles. Each session, or segment, lasts 10 minutes, respectively, the entire training session lasts approximately 1 hour.

Before you start practicing, you need to choose exercises for the main muscle groups and choose exercises for cardio sessions. Prefer multi-joint exercises that involve a large number of muscles in the work.

Bradley Cooper himself trained in the gym under the guidance of a coach, you can do the same, or you can change the program (we will even tell you how), preserving its principles, and train at home.

Training program

The cardio session, 10 minutes

There are many options: jogging, jogging in place with high knees, a rowing machine, an ellipse, an exercise bike. Try to monitor the pulse so that it does not fall below 65% of the maximum value, and does not rise above 85% of the same value.

Power block, 10 minutes

  • Pullups on the horizontal bar. 8-10 reps. If there is no horizontal bar, replace it with pull-ups on the low bar. If you cannot master 8-10 repetitions and there is access to the fitness room: do it with a counterweight in the gravitron.
  • Squats with a barbell on your shoulders. 8-10 reps. If there are no barbells and racks at home, replace them with goblet squats with a dumbbell or weight.
  • Bench press. 8-10 reps. Can be done with dumbbells or barbell. If there is nothing, you can replace push-ups on the bars or from the floor.
  • Between exercises rest 30 sec. The number of approaches is not important, it is important to keep within 10 minutes.

Interval cardiosession, 10 minutes

  • Sprints are perfect: jump rope, burpee. The principle is simple – the rest time is twice as long as the lead time. For example, we ran 60 meters in 15 seconds. – rest for 30 seconds. Did burp 30 seconds – relax for a minute. And so – 10 minutes.

Power section, 10 minutes

  • Walking on support (on a bench, on a chair) with or without weighting. 8-10 reps.
  • Bench press on an inclined bench. 8-10 reps. If not, replace it with push-ups from a chair or bench.
  • Deadlift on straight legs. 8-10 reps. You can do with a dumbbell or kettlebell. If the load is small – do deadlift on one leg.

Rest 30 sec between exercises. The number of approaches is not important, it is important to keep within 10 minutes.

Cardiosession, 10 minutes.

The intensity is average, the main thing is not to be out of breath, but not to “cool” just like that.

Press training.

Planks, twists, bridges, everything that comes to mind. The main thing: keep within 10 minutes.

Comments on Bradley Cooper workout plan

  • Choose weights so that they are not excessive for you and you can perform the exercises technically correctly. At the same time, you should not rest after each exercise for 5 minutes. 1-1.5 minutes will be enough.
  • As you can see, this program can be adapted for training in the gym with additional equipment and for home training with the equipment that you have.
  • Yes, we are aware that this is a difficult way to train, but we did not say that it would be easy.
  • Due to the high volume of training load and short breaks, this program is not suitable for beginners.

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