Atkins diet: what is the secret

The Atkins diet was developed by cardiologist Robert Atkins. He proposed a new approach to weight loss: a diet rich in fats, proteins, without restriction in calories and amount of food, but with a very low content of carbohydrates.

According to Dr. Atkins, carbohydrates are the main reason of excess weight. Carbohydrate-rich foods lead to a rapid increase in blood sugar. Accordingly, the hormone insulin begins to be actively produced in the body in order to regulate sugar levels. However, if a lot of sugar enters the body, it begins to settle on the body in the form of fat deposits.

The advantage of the Atkins diet is that the body forms blood sugar from the resulting proteins, which significantly reduces insulin secretion.

In the first week, the Atkins carbohydrate-free diet excludes all carbohydrates from the diet, including fruits, milk, beets, potatoes, carrots. Next week, add 5 g of carbohydrates per day, then 10 g, etc., until the amount of carbohydrates is established at a level at which a person continues to lose weight or maintains reduced weight. This happens when you consume about 40-50 g of carbohydrates per day, which is much lower than the amount we are used to.

The Atkins diet is contraindicated in patients suffering from diseases of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, as well as patients with diabetes. Some diets are balanced, they contain all the essential nutrients, but in reduced doses, others completely exclude proteins, fats or carbohydrates. Therefore, it is impossible to combine them or make them perfect for you in any case. The choice of diet depends on the degree of obesity, the causes of its occurrence, concomitant diseases and the nature of the person’s work. Is it always necessary to strive for a reduction in weight and bring it to the ideal level? No. This issue should be resolved only individually after consulting a doctor. Thus, a 10% increase in weight compared to normal in a 30-year-old woman is a signal for intensive activities to reduce it. Moreover, if an elderly person for many years had approximately the same overweight, then he can’t lose weight very quickly, as this can cause great harm to the body. Therefore, the main task in this case is not to reduce weight, but not to allow its gaining.

Diet phases

In addition, the diet can be divided into two phases.

First phase

You can eat:

– meat, fish, poultry, seafood, cheeses, eggs;

– vegetables and herbs: cucumbers, radishes, parsley, garlic, peppers, lettuce, olives, celery, dill, basil, thyme, ginger;

– mushrooms;

– vegetable oil: all natural, better if it is an unrefined and cold pressed;

– animal fats: natural butter, fish oil;

– drinks: water, tea without sugar, drinks with sweeteners that do not contain carbohydrates.

In small quantities, considering the amount of carbohydrates contained, you can eat:

– tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, green peas, onions, spinach, asparagus;

– germinated cereal seeds;

– sour cream.

Don’t eat:

– sugar, sweets;

– bread, flour products, rice;

– fruits (including fruit juices), starchy vegetables (for example, potatoes);

– margarine and alcohol;

– Dietary fat-free products – they contain synthetic produced oils and an increased amount of carbohydrates.

Second phase

It is possible to eat (in small quantities):

– Bread;

– Unsweetened vegetables and fruits;

– Alcohol.

During the second phase, you should weigh yourself every day before breakfast – in order to control the amount of carbohydrates at which weight will be reduced.

If during the second phase you stopped following the diet and started to gain weight again, you should repeat the first phase.

If you start following such a diet, it is very important for you to consult your doctor. Practice shows that this diet also has many disadvantages, as well as advantages. Take care of your health!

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  1. While the diet has been criticised for advocating a drastically reduced carbohydrate intake even being compared to the likes of the keto diet, a similar low-carb meal plan Lowe says its flexibility continues to make it desirable.

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