Extremely fast weight loss of Phil Mickelson

In many interviews, Mickelson told about the most effective diet – coffee diet. According to him, thanks to this method, you can get quick results. His weight has never been stable: from time to time, he gains more than 15 pounds, but after that, he loses weight immediately. Let’s consider: is this diet really effective and what is the most important thing – is it safe?

Natural coffee is low in calories and contains no fat. It consists mainly of aromatic phytocomponents, which have a wide range of positive effects on our body. In addition, the drink “blocks” the appetite. In fact, coffee is on the first place among the most dietary products.

Coffee diet concept

The effectiveness of the coffee diet is determined by the features of the impact on the human body of a number of biochemical compounds that are in the grains of natural coffee. In fact, the substances that are contained in these beans not only awake us in the morning – they are able to diversify our metabolism:

• caffeine is the main active ingredient in coffee beans. Their concentration increases after frying and as the result increases the metabolic rate, and affects the rate of breakdown of nutrients in the small intestine;

• chlorogenic acid – another useful component found only in natural coffee beans, especially green, has a powerful antioxidant effect and additionally stimulates the breakdown of fats;

• coffee also contains natural diuretic phytocomponents and substances that activate intestinal motility – thus, coffee also has a lymphatic drainage effect: it helps to remove excess fluid from the body and speeds up weight loss process.

The effectiveness of the coffee diet is proven scientifically. Like green tea, it contributes to fat burning, however, researchers made a remark: according to their observations, the fat-burning effectiveness of coffee was more evident in thin people. Therefore, in one experiment, coffee increased the rate of fat burning by 29% in thin women, but only by 10% in women diagnosed with obesity. However, one way or another, the practical result was noted by everyone – that means drinking coffee can really increase your metabolism and help you lose weight.

There are two versions of the coffee diet (for 3 and 7 days) – both of them are quite effective, but it is recommended to start with the short-term version: it is not easy for an unprepared body trying an extreme nutrition plan for a week.

Coffee diet: 3 days

This diet involves eating every 2-3 hours along with fresh strong coffee. Eat as much proteins as possible: lean chicken meat, hard-boiled eggs, low-fat sea fish. All products must be cooked on the grill or steamed, and the portions should be minimal. It is promised that this version of the coffee diet leads to a loss of six pounds.

7-day coffee diet

A weeklong weight loss program can be considered as a extended version of the coffee diet: the menu here is somewhat more diverse, although at the same time you can lose quite a lot of excess weight in about 7 days – about 10 pounds. This way chooses Phil Mickelson to lose weight extremely fast. The coffee diet menu for seven days:

Day 1

Breakfast: a cup of coffee.

Lunch: boil a couple of chicken eggs; make a salad of tomatoes and white cabbage; a cup of coffee.

Dinner: a small portion of cabbage salad with fish baked in foil (150-200 g); a cup of coffee.

Day 2

Breakfast: a cup of coffee plus a few dietary crackers or a slice of rye bread.

Lunch: fish (portion up to 200 g), without oil and other fats; a cup of coffee.

Dinner: low-fat boiled meat in an amount of 150-200 g, which can be washed down not with the usual cup of coffee, but with a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt without sugar.

Day 3

Breakfast: a cup of coffee.

Lunch: a salad of several boiled vegetables, which can be seasoned with a small amount of olive or other vegetable oil; 1 boiled egg; a cup of coffee.

Dinner: 2 large apples.

Day 4

Breakfast: a cup of coffee.

Lunch: vegetable salad in an amount that is sufficient to satisfy hunger (do not use potatoes); a cup of coffee; you can eat an apple for dessert.

Dinner: a portion of any boiled lean meat (up to 200 g); cabbage salad; 1-2 boiled eggs; Cup of coffee.

Day 5

Breakfast: a cup of coffee.

Lunch: season carrot salad with vegetable (preferably olive) oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice; a cup of coffee.

Dinner: boiled or baked low-fat fish (150-200 g); a little cabbage salad; a cup of coffee.

Day 6

Breakfast: a cup of coffee.

Lunch: any salad with boiled chicken breast (about 200 g); a cup of coffee.

Dinner: 2 eggs and several vegetables; a cup of coffee.

Day 7

Breakfast: a cup of coffee, if you wish, today you can replace a cup of strong tea of ​​your favorite kind.

Lunch: boiled meat in an amount of not more than 200 g; 2 medium green apples; a cup of coffee.

Dinner: choose dinner of any of the six previous days.

Cons of the coffee diet

1. Coffee can provoke dehydration. The water-salt balance may be disturbed, which is fraught with the deterioration of well-being and swelling of the internal organs due to blockage of the lymphatic vessels. Given this, remember that drinking a large amount of water is must!

2. Coffee provokes darkening of tooth enamel – another unpleasant bonus for losing weight. This effect can be minimized by brushing your teeth after each cup of coffee. Be careful. In this case, use a soft-bristled brush and non-aggressive toothpaste so as not to damage the tooth enamel.

3. Excessive amounts of coffee in the diet can trigger migraines, insomnia and increase blood pressure.

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