Eat it to boost immune system

Immunity depend on your diet. Everything that we eat can be divided into “good” and “bad”. All healthy and fresh foods, one way or another, help in strengthening the immune system, as they are sources of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. However, there are several recognized food to boost your immune system. These include garlic, ginger, honey, lemon and fermented milk product. You can buy this food anywhere and add them to dishes or eat separately.

Signs of decreased immunity

The fact that the immune system needs support is indicated by the following problems:

You become sick very often

If you get sick more than four times a year, you have a chronic cough, which means that your body desperately needs to strengthen immunity. By the way, often along with these symptoms fungal diseases begin, which can be very difficult to cure to the end. Constant fatigue, malaise, chills, drowsiness, headaches, muscle aches, bad mood – all this can indicate a immunity decrease. If you have a poor appetite or its changes, you love something that you have never eaten before (for example, sweets), then this also needs to be paid attention to.

The next thing to evaluate is the condition of the skin

It is bad if various rashes and inflammations, peeling, herpes began to appear on it. In addition, often with chronic processes occurring in the body, the skin becomes very pale. The sudden appearance of edema, bags or bruises under the eyes are very serious signs of decreased immunity. The nails become tarnish, exfoliate and break. Pay attention to the growth rate of nails, which, instead of several millimeters per week, cannot grow at all.

Another sign is allergy

If you are constantly tormented by a variety of allergic reactions, then you should be wary.

Other signs of weak immunity include often fever, chronic fatigue syndrome, infections, and regular fungal infections.

How can you help your body? 

Start with the food to boost immune system.


Garlic cleanses the liver, restores the body after overload and fights stress. To strengthen the immune system, it is useful to eat fresh garlic – in the form of wild garlic and cloves. But many are embarrassed by its smell. Do not eat garlic at night, so that in the morning you do not get bad breath. After eating, thoroughly brush your teeth, then the smell problem will be solved.


To stimulate the immune system, use ginger root. Its healing properties have been known since ancient China: they healed wounds and restored the strength of warriors. Ginger root contains vitamins and minerals, healthy essential oils and special substances that give it a specific taste and aroma. It has a lot of vitamin C, retinol and B vitamins. By bactericidal effects, it looks like garlic, but its aroma is more pleasant. Ginger stimulates appetite and digestion, normalizes the separation of the juice of the stomach and bile, and relieves nausea and toxicosis in pregnant women. To stimulate immunity, ginger is used in the form of seasonings for various dishes – it is added to soup or porridge, meat dishes, seasoned with chicken. Ginger juice is a salad dressing or sauce base. Ginger sweets, hot and alcoholic drinks are also known.


Stimulation of immunity is manifested due to the high concentration of vitamin C in the lemon. However, it is stored in fresh fruits and juice, and is destroyed by heat treatment or prolonged contact with air. Therefore, lemon juice must be added to water or soda and immediately drunk.


This sweet is known for its healing properties. It has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, wound healing and anti-stress effects. Honey comes in many varieties. Herbs and berries are added to it, which enhances its healing effects several times. Honey helps to recover faster with colds. And if you make it a rule to eat a spoonful of honey daily, you will be much stronger. Honey is a type of a good food for immune system to eat in the morning and before bedtime. A useful combination for weakened and emaciated people is honey with walnuts, cashews and dried fruits, for example, dried apricots, raisins and prunes.

Fermented milk product

From ancient times, fermented milk products have been used in nursing weakened and painful children, people with frequent colds and digestive diseases. For example, kefir fungus has the property of improving digestion and supporting the protection of the intestines from the penetration of microbes into it. Due to calcium and vitamin D, it strengthens bones and helps blood formation, stimulates the synthesis of protective antibodies in the blood and the fight against viruses.

These are not all products that help the immune system work without failures. But these products are available to everyone and are easy to purchase and accept. This means that you can start strengthening immunity today.

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