Secrets of self-discipline: Will Smith body transformation

Will Smith conquered Hollywood with his humor and simple attitude to life. However, his two most famous incarnations for the films “Ali” and “I am a legend” surprised the audience, causing a new wave of respect. For the tapes, the actor had to change his lifestyle, acquire many useful habits: from regular training to a healthy balanced diet. Let’s review Will Smith’s routine and how he gets ready for new projects.

Preparation for the movie “Ali”: the gain of muscle mass

However, having accustomed everyone to the image of a carefree and witty guy, in 2001 he surprised viewers and critics with his reincarnation and self-discipline for the role in the film “Ali”. On the screen, Smith not only played a serious and charismatic boxer, but he also changed significantly in appearance. The skinny “shiver” suddenly became a mountain of muscle and even a light fat.

The actor’s efforts were appreciated. For his role in the film “Ali”, he was nominated for an Oscar for the first time in his career. After the release of the film, Will Smith said that to join the image of the legendary boxer, he prepared for the role for about two years.

He has long mastered the manner of conversation of Mohammed Ali. And in addition, he managed to achieve almost flawless similarity of the physique, gaining 15 kilograms of muscle mass. Regular exercise would not give the desired result without a well-chosen diet, which Smith strictly followed. The actor’s diet was divided into small portions 6-7 times a day.

Will Smith diet plan

He started his day with breakfast, which included an omelet, orange juice, and cereal bread. The second meal at nine in the morning – oatmeal with skim milk, yogurt, and one fruit to choose from. For lunch, Smith had turkey with broccoli and another fruit. And two meals – in the second part of the day. First, egg whites or tuna with toast. Well, in the end, Will put an end to the paste of hard (thick) varieties of wheat. A bonus to this – a choice of turkey, steak, or fish.

Dried fruits: benefits and dangers

Will Smith usually added bananas and dried fruits, including raisins, to the oatmeal. Dried fruits are something like a seasonal vitamin aid. They can replenish our bodies with nutrients at any time of year. Here, depending on the fruit, there can be a whole scattering of everything – vitamins A and B, fiber, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, and sodium.

However, when buying dried fruits, keep in mind that the process of making them often does not take place without the help of chemicals. In particular, too beautiful and brilliant color of prunes, dried apricots, or raisins is often the result of sulfur dioxide. In addition, they can use toxic detergents, which eventually end up in your body. The same paradox, but usually less attractive-looking dried fruits, as a rule, do not contain substances harmful to the human body.

Turkey: better less than poison

In addition, it is not difficult to notice that the main source of protein for Will Smith is turkey, and not seemingly more popular with the stars – chicken. From the point of view of nutrition between the two birds, if you omit the details, you can safely put a sign of equality. The caloric content of both fillets is almost the same as the amount of protein. There is not much fat in there.

But the macronutrient composition of the turkey is still a little ahead. There is almost three times more calcium than in chicken, iron as much as in, say, beef. And in terms of phosphorus, the bird suddenly competes with fish.

Turkey fillet, however, is a little more expensive than chicken. Approximately 130-140 hryvnias per kilogram against 100 hryvnias. Price per word can be a good indicator of the quality of poultry meat. After all, when choosing, you should first pay attention to whether its manufacturer is certified.

It is important that the purchased bird is raised on natural feed without drugs that stimulate its growth. Otherwise, there is a risk that the fillet instead of the expected benefits will harm the body. This is exactly the case when it is better to buy a little less, but probably a quality product.

Preparation for the film “I am a legend”: cardio training and harmonious development of the body

But in order to join the image of the hero of one of the next films “I am a legend”, Villa Smith had to lose weight instead of gaining weight. The method of star coach Derel Foster helped the actor lose 10 kilograms. According to her, Smith was waiting for daily cardio training: running and walking on a treadmill.

Strength training complemented boxing with a professional instructor. Foster’s unusual approach was that during one workout, Smith worked not one but two muscle groups. For example, the chest and back and at the same time the waist and press. This helped to develop the body harmoniously, reduce the percentage of body fat from 12% to 7.5%, and ultimately – to look like a superman.

In addition to the diet, Will Smith gave up fast food and any junk food in general. Preparing for roles in the films “Ali” and “I am a legend” significantly changed the life of the actor. He not only constantly monitors his body but also has developed many useful habits that help to achieve success in everyday life.

“I believe that self-discipline is self-love. I see it that way. You say to yourself, ‘Listen, friend.’ I know you want to eat pizza, and it’s really delicious. But I can’t let you eat it. Because when you eat it, you’ll feel like a bag of shit. I love you too much to let you eat this food. Self-discipline has become a bad word. But I don’t want to talk about it in that way. I believe that by giving up pleasure here and now, we end up gaining self-esteem in the long run,” Will told his fans.

Self-discipline, humor, a positive attitude, and constant work on yourself – all these simple things helped Will Smith become one of the most successful actors of today. And of course, without all this, he certainly would not have crossed the 50-year mark in such a form and in such a shocking way – jumping from a helicopter on a bungee jumping.

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