Healthy appetites: Chrissy Teigen recalls overweight problems

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen, recently recognized as “one of the hottest beauties of Hollywood,” in an interview for Dujour magazine recalls how she was once asked to leave the shoot – due to excess weight.

This happened while working on a project to advertise the popular Forever 21 clothing brand:

“I came to the casting for shooting, I was photographed. And they sent this picture to my agency. And so I’m sitting, getting ready to shoot, and they come up to me and say: “Leave the shoot, you’re too full, you need to lose weight.””

After that, the model managed to appear for many influential glossy magazines. However, the brand that called it “too fat” for its advertising and kicked out in the middle of the filming process, Teigen still hates.

The model, famous for its long legs and an amazing sense of humor, is also known for its healthy attitude to food and rejection of various dangerous and reckless diets, which, as you know, not every cover girl can boast.

By the way, Chrissy loves not only to eat but also to cook. And most importantly – she knows how to do it, so she serves on the jury of the MTV Snack-Off culinary show, and also runs the food blog So Delicious.

Haters Attacks

Recently, model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen responded with dignity to a subscriber who criticized her release on the red carpet of the Emmy Award. Chrissy opted for a tight-fitting Zuhair Murad dress, which, according to the bodybuilder, looked unsuccessful on the model.

“I ask this question with respect: What, is Chrissy Teigen pregnant again?”

Chrissy’s response was not long in coming: “I just gave birth to a baby, but thank you for your“ respect ”,” wrote the model on her twitter.

One Twitter user wrote that “Teigen loves to attack people, and I attack her – and I think it’s time for the puff to go to the gym.”

“I do not want to say this, but are you not a petty person? I don’t care what weight I have, so your words will not hurt me, ”Chrissy answered him.

By the way, recently she herself admitted that she weighs as much as she had never weighed before, but can not do anything about it, because she loves food. Followers of the model were unanimous with her: they supported her and said that Teigen looks just gorgeous.

Chrissy Teigen weight loss diet

Last May, Chrissy became a mother a second time: the model and her husband John Legend had a son, Miles. The couple also brings up their three-year-old daughter Luna. After the birth of her daughter, Chrissy had a postpartum depression, about which she frankly told Glamor magazine.

Teigen is not at all shy about showing photographs that show imperfections in her figure. A few months ago, the model shared a photo and video of the stretch marks that she had left after her second pregnancy. “It seems like it just won’t go away. Now, this is my new body, ”the model wrote under the post.

In the blog, she explained the reason for her act: “It’s great that people have beautiful bodies that they are proud of and which they show on Instagram without embarrassment. But in the end, we often forget how ordinary people look. I want everyone else to see this photo to feel normal.”

With all his healthy appetite, Chrissy Teigen diet manages to keep her body in perfect shape and hold the laurels of one of the sexiest models. We envy white envy!

Surely you were always interested to know how the stars will be able to quickly bring the figure into shape after childbirth? Chrissy Teigen told Today magazine how this is possible.

It turns out that it is not a matter of underwear. All this is the merit of hard work on oneself.

“We have nutritionists and trainers to help us build our diet and training regimen. We also have babysitters, without whom we would not be able to get back in shape in a short period of time. And we, the people whom everyone is guided by, should never lose ourselves and look inappropriate after having babies. Therefore, we sacrifice ourselves and the time that we could devote to our children. But beauty is impossible without it. ”

Now, you know that the main thing is not to relax and clearly go to your goal. Especially if you want to fit into your favorite skinny jeans that you wore before pregnancy.

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