Sarah Sanders Weight Loss 2019

Sarah Sanders Weight Loss 2019

When we believed the world in its decency, he again gave us a slap in the face. Do you often evaluate a person for his appearance? It often happens that a person makes the first impression in his own manner and clothes. Not less important is how this person spoke, but much more important is the meaning of what he says. Men feel freer in public, in society, and in their personal lives, because few people want to discuss how many pounds they lost, what lipstick they chose and what color today’s dress is. Famous American politician and press secretary of the White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders fell under the sights of such “fashion critics”. A woman is the idols of many educated schoolchildren or students, like a woman who knows how to “use her brain.” She is respected by most of the public in the White House and even Donald Trump himself. She was promoted to the secretary at the age of 35, which is highly commendable. But still, even in such educated people, there are flaws that are noticed and put on public display by the media. Recently, two men of liberal observers exposed Sarah Sundance as a laughing stock, publicly discussing her appearance, being overweight, and even her voice and accent.

Do many people think this is just another scandal to attract attention but is such humiliation worthy of the black glory that the company will receive? David Horsey said of Sanders that she is more like a soccer mom who organizes snacks for children’s games.

Indeed, there is a working, corporate style that people of this rank should adhere to. But Sanders cannot have unnecessary questions, she always has a high-quality, restrained dress and proper makeup. Another question is about her personal preferences. Yes, there are women who are closer to sneakers and comfortable clothes. Sarah does not hide the fact that she belongs to the type of such women, and in the modern world, no one sees anything wrong with that.

The Epoch times journalist ridiculed the men who tried to humiliate Sarah Sanders:

These disrespectful boys need a real slap upside the head – and I believe Sanders gave it to them. . . and have they looked in the mirror lately? “People Mag’s Sexiest Men Alive” they ain’t. . . They’re lucky to have the jobs they have – even though they do it very poorly. They’re all obvious intellectual lightweights compared to Sanders – hence their jealous personal attacks of her.

And: “Another columnist, the New York Times’ Frank Bruni, similarly went out of his way on Friday to bash Sanders for her personal characteristics, in this case, her way of speaking. ”

The scandal appeared literally from the air. There was not a single good reason to start talking nasty things about Sarah Sanders, except that they had nothing more to discuss or someone paid for it, which could be quite likely given the number of Sarah envious people.

Sarah Sanders lost weight and in 2019 no one can call her fat. She does not have ideal forms, like those of models, but her mind and special facial features absolutely compensate her. In addition, Sarah has a loving husband who is proud of his female politician, female press secretary, the woman with whom he lived for almost 10 years (they got married in 2010). She does not need to get hung up on her body, because then she will not have enough time for really important things that she is doing now.

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