Nigella Lawson weight loss

According to the viewers’ opinion, Nigella Lawson has one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Also, she is womanly, looks great at 60, and cooks amazingly. She was born in London, her father Nigel Lawson was a Minister of Finance in the administration of Margaret Thatcher for several years. Her mother, Vanessa Salmon inherited from her parents a successful catering and food business.

As a profession, Nigella chose journalism: after graduating from Oxford, she began working as a book columnist and restaurant critic, later – as the literary editor of The Sunday Times and also wrote for several newspapers and magazines.

At the age of 38, Lawson publishes her first cookbook, entitled How to Eat, and she manages to sell about 300 thousand copies. Two years later, a new bestseller was released: “How to Become the Goddess of the Hearth”. For this book, Lawson received the title “Author of the Year” in her homeland.

In 2000, the author of cookbooks appeared on the screen: Nigel became the host of her television show called Nigella Bites – this was the first of a series of Lawson programs that aired on various British television channels. It is interesting that after the TV presenter said on the air that goose fat is needed to prepare a Christmas dinner, sales of this ingredient in the UK raised by 65 percent immediately. 

The TV star has never studied cooking and generally does not consider herself a professional chef or an expert in this field. According to her, she cooks exclusively for her pleasure. Despite the general craze for diets, Lawson never hid the fact that she loves to eat delicious food. Therefore, not so long ago she had to lose weight and her main diet was a low-carb diet.

Low carb diet

The essence of a low-carb diet is to reduce carbohydrates in your daily diet. The basic principle of such nutrition is increased intake of protein and plant foods, which are rich in fiber. The daily intake of carbohydrates is 40 grams. Such a diet is popular among athletes because it allows you to lose excess weight painlessly. Following this diet, Lawson was able to lose more than 50 pounds. With intense training, such a nutrition system allows you to get rid of fat and to achieve a clearer muscle relief quickly. At a low level of carbohydrates in the body, accumulated reserves of fat disappear, which leads to weight loss. Nevertheless, even without an active workout, you can achieve good results if you follow the necessary rules. A low-carb diet is effective not only for weight loss but also for diabetes.


Nigel’s style supports her outlook on life: after losing weight, Lawson was able to wear plain tight dresses; she likes black color, but is not afraid to use bright shades of red and purple in her looks.

Do you have a Nigella Lawson cookbook at home?

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