Dr. Oz diet principles

After some days of losing weight process, our motivation level decreases. Therefore, it is important not only to follow a diet but also to introduce healthy habits into your lifestyle. So that taking care of your health is the main incentive. Let’s check some Dr. Oz diet rules to get these habits.

Dr. Oz’s diet rules

Have breakfast at the same time. Recent studies have shown that women who maintain consistency in menu composition in the morning consume 100 kcal less throughout the day. In the morning, you need to eat more, because, after a night’s rest, your body needs to refuel with energy for the whole day. Yogurt and berries are a great combination.

1. If you have no time to cook healthy food, try to cook everything in one day. For example, you can cook a lot of vegetable soup and make preparations for peeled vegetables. Then during the week, you can take portions with;

2. If you do not want to buy expensive fresh food, you can always find an alternative: frozen vegetables, berries, herbs, and even cereals (corn, green beans), as well as canned tomatoes;

3. Breakfast is the most important meal. Therefore, you must choose for breakfast such dishes that you enjoy.

Get rid of foods that contain such ingredients

1. Simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, cakes);

2. Syrups (corn, honey);

3. Any flour and cereals, except whole grains;

4. Saturated fats (meat, milk, butter);

5. Transgenic fats (margarine, fast food, boiling vegetable oil).

Add to your diet

Fruits, vegetables, brown rice, pasta made from whole grain flour, lean meat and poultry (without skin), eggs, nuts, beans, low-fat yogurt, fish, dried fruits. Coffee and tea are also allowed.

Week 1

1. Choose healthy snack foods (carrot sticks, nuts, orange slices);

2. Walking. Studies show that active people are slimmer than those who are lazy. If you talk on the phone while walking, you train your lungs as well;

3. Create your motivation. It can be the dress you have been dreaming of for a long time about.

Week 2

1. Choose foods that enhance metabolism. For example, add some hot red pepper to a dish while cooking;

2. Instead, meetings with friends in a cafe go for walk in the open air: a walk will increase the time of weekly physical activity;

3. Expose yourself to new things, share your plans on the social network with friends and acquaintances. The attention of others motivates and supports in the moments when you are about giving up.

Week 3

1. Fill 2/3 of your plate with greens. They contain fiber that is necessary for the body, and increase the level of satiety and prolong this feeling for a long time;

2. Set goals and think about the future;

3. Consult your nutritionist. These meetings will help you find the right approach to losing weight.

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