Khloe Kardashian spoke about her diet and the best motivator for losing weight

35-year-old Khloe Kardashian often thinks a lot about what is. Recently, the reality star wrote in her blog about the diets of sisters, and now she decided to talk more about herself. Chloe admitted that two things help her fight with extra pounds: the right selection of food ingredients and a strong incentive. She considers her personal motivator in matters of weight loss … sister Kim, who maintains herself in shape with 4 children.

“My motivator is the figure of Mrs. West. I would not have lasted a day on her new diet. She excluded sugar and carbohydrates, but allows herself meat and dairy products – I don’t eat all this, in addition, I love sweets.” – Chloe wrote on her Instagram page and blog.

Chloe admitted that she had not considered herself a fat sister before until people called her that. She took the opinion of others to heart. However, the offensive words that hurt her at the same time gave her strength.

“I understand how an eating disorder can occur. Someone else’s opinion, especially in adolescence, can provoke health problems. I think that I was not fat, but it was unhealthy.” – concluded the celebrity.

On her personal website, Chloe Kardashian shared her own findings and secrets of how she managed to balance her diet and lose weight.

“Healthy eating is not always easy. But you should be inspired by the idea that strong people look better on the beach. In addition, eating right, I feel better – so the difficulties are worth it. Replace the pasta with zucchini noodles and tomato sauce. Instead of greasy salt chips, try cabbage chips. If you really want ice cream, eat a frozen banana drenched in dark chocolate. There are less fat and sugar in this replacement. I make smoothies from 11 ingredients, among which there are always fresh berries, fruits, milk, and yogurt.” – Chloe shared her recipes.

Khloé Kardashian diet plan

Two years ago, Chloe Kardashian first became a mother – she gave birth to Tru’s daughter from her lover Tristan Thompson. During pregnancy, the star recovered quite a bit, but after the birth of her daughter decided to return to its former form. Now she has already lost 27 kilograms. How she managed to do this, 35-year-old Chloe said in an online interview with her older sister, 41-year-old Kortney Kardashian.

“If you want to lose a significant amount of weight, diet and exercise should go hand in hand. Now I weigh as usual – about 68 kilograms. Sometimes the weight is reduced. When I weigh around 63-64 kilograms, I think it’s just my dream,” – admitted the star.

Now that Chloe is in self-isolation at home, she devotes more time to physical exercise than to diet.

“I do not follow what I eat. But this does not mean that I eat packets of chips all day. We have a good diet, but I really like quesadillas. I love everything that Tru eats.” – She explained, adding that she did not want to live a “miserable life” in which she would have to deprive herself of her favorite foods.

“You never know if tomorrow will come. I would rather put more effort into the gym than in the kitchen,” – said Chloe. She added that the main thing is to find a balance in diet and exercise.

“Once you reach your goal, you can maintain your result, and maintaining does not mean depriving yourself of the pleasures in life,” – concluded Kardashian.

Last year, Chloe said that after the birth of her daughter, she weighed 92 kilograms and that she managed to lose weight not too quickly.

“If I could do the workout, I did it. But it is impossible to get the result in one day. It took nine months to gain weight, so give yourself at least a year to lose it,” – she said.

Recently, nutritionist Chloe Kardashian, Dr. Philip Gogl, spoke in an interview about exactly how the girl eats. This led to the fact that many women decided to take an example from her and try to live on such a diet on their own. Of course, some food options, like 12 almonds and a cup of celery for lunch, look rather sad, but with the right motivation, this is entirely possible.

That’s exactly what Carolyn Meniez decided, deciding to go on a Chloe diet.

Unfortunately, before the Khloe Kardashian diet even officially started, Carolyn already found one significant drawback of such a diet. There are, like the Kardashian sisters, insanely expensive. We have to stock up on fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, and almonds, not to mention other organic products. If you have a limited budget, then the diet of a socialite is definitely not for you. In addition, Chloe has her own chef who prepares food for her, but you have to cook yourself. Taking into account a full day working day, self-cooking every evening is not a priority.

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