Jorge Garcia weight loss 2019:

Jorge Garcia weight loss 2019: Nooch diet

The darling of many, one of the most famous actors and comedians in Hollywood, Jorge Garcia lost about 30 pounds in a short period of time. How did he do it? Do the stars really know any special secrets? How did he succeed?

His weight became like a business card for him. People liked to see a chubby and funny guy on the screens. If Jorge began to lose weight, in order to improve his health, they began to call him noticeably less often for various television projects, they needed Jorge for who he was always.

This made a problem for him and his relatives, they wanted him to live a long and happy life, but frequent weight gain did not remain harmful to the body. Jorge Garcia admitted that he is suffering from food addiction.

The series that gave him the greatest fame was called The Lost. This was the first place to ask him to lose a small amount of weight. Fans and relatives of Jorge were waiting for a strong reincarnation.

They thought soon a skinny and unlike artist would be before them, but a miracle did not happen. The changes were so insignificant, but the audience practically did not notice anything new in the appearance of Jorge. The actor decided to use an unhealthy diet for weight loss and only harmed his body even more.

Exercises and meal on a Nooch diet: Jorge Garcia minus 30 lbs

Jorge Garcia weight loss 2019

“At some point, I got on the scales and saw that now my weight was 400 pounds. It was embarrassing, but I did not know what to do with it. “

Then the doctors advised Jorge to go on a Nooch diet, it is also called a yeast diet, its essence is that it uses deactivated yeast to break down fats and cause a person to lose weight. A large amount of B12 breaks down fats and turns them into protein for extra energy and vitality.

He was inspired by the idea to improve his health. The actor’s entourage knew that he had many bad habits, one of them was alcohol. But through diet and exercise, Jorge even quit alcohol.

He began to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and limited his intake of fatty and fried foods. He began to go to the gym and consume more protein, refusing foods high in carbohydrates.

He knew that drinking alcohol increases weight, and if he wants to lose weight and succeed in this difficult task, he must stay away from alcohol and even this will not be enough.

To maintain the body in good shape, nutritionists advised to also start going to the gym and doing sports at home. There is a large list of exercises with which you need to go on a diet. Thus, Jorge Garcia lost weight in the amount of as much as 30 pounds.

Unfortunately, the happy period in the artist’s life did not last long. Soon, he again began to drink alcohol and his life became at risk of various heart diseases or diabetes. He said that he could afford to live on rum and burritos and enjoy life.


  • Face exercises
  • Air cycling 
  • Stair running
  • Breathing exercises
  • Arms circles
  • Neck rotations
  • Wrist rotations
  • Sit-ups
  • Shoulder rotations
  • Running or Jogging
  • Push-ups

Soon, even his fans became worried about his health. One of them sent him coupons for Slim Fast weight loss products. A concerned fan sent Garcia a couple of bags with tea for weight loss.

In an interview, one of the actor’s relatives said that he had gastric bypass surgery, due to which the weight had to quickly go away, but this information was not confirmed by Jorge himself.

The rules of Jorge Garcia: what to do and what not to do when losing weight

1. Follow the step-by-step guidelines.

2. Do not overstrain your body and head.

3. Eat small meals

4. Do not lose weight quickly

5. When cooking chicken, fish or vegetables, do not use melted butter.

Jorge Garcia 2019: still overweight, but happy

Jorge Garcia weight loss 2019

Recently, the network has information about the wedding of Jorge, which took place in the summer of 2019. Creative guests and the groom himself, who finds it difficult to attribute health problems, and even more so with alcohol. Jorge and his wife Rebecca look absolutely happy and healthy newlyweds!

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