Gemma Collins weight loss 2019

Gemma Collins weight loss 2019

The year 2019 in the life of Gemma Collins was a turning point. In almost all the places where she appears, it is impossible to look away from her, and recent pictures from Instagram have been approved by fans and friends of the British television’s self-proclaimed diva.

Since childhood, Gemma was larger than her peers. With age, the weight only increased and she did not pay attention to it. She always dreamed of being rich and famous but instead worked as a used car saleswoman. When she had her first chance to become a celebrity, she could not miss him. She was invited to the show The Only Way is Essex, as a bright and extraordinary girl. Thanks to this show, she became the host of television programs. When the moment of long-awaited fame came, Gemma remembered about her photographs six years ago and set a goal to return to her old form.

In an interview, she said that weight does not affect her state of health. But when she took part in Dancing on Ice, fans began to notice the first changes in the figure of the artist. She further admitted that the desire to lose weight was caused by the desire to reduce her breasts.

“My boobs are so big and I want to get them reduced in January, but I have to lose three stone before they can operate,” she revealed

Previously, she said that she tried to lose weight in various ways, one of them was the rejection of meat. As a vegan, Gemma was able to lose a few pounds. But apparently, the vegan diet was not to her liking.

And so gathered a considerable number of methods of losing weight Gemma Collins, in addition to vegetarianism and participation in the competition The Only Way is Essex, she followed a plant diet. The essence of this diet is that the consumed foods contain fiber, which helps to fill the body with the necessary elements, without adding extra calories. Decreased carbohydrate intake with the rest of the food. And this gave the first more significant results, such as the loss of 3 stones.

“By skipping meat, cheese, eggs and limiting oils, you’re also removing a significant amount of fat from your diet. This helps keep the pounds off. ”

What did Gemma Collins do to lose weight?

To begin with, she began to train hard in the gym and on the ice in addition to proper nutrition. In social networks, she said that she wants to lose 3 more stones and will do it! Fans, of course, believe her, by 2019 she was able to prove that her appearance is important to her and every day she looks better.

She had moments of weakness when she went headlong into work. At the Teen Awards for awarding the best television show and during the announcement of the winner, Gemma unexpectedly fell into a small hatch on the stage, after which she became a real object of jokes and discussions on the Internet.

In order to be a real star, you need to find time for everything: for work and for your appearance, otherwise, you will not succeed.

Finally, she overcame herself and again decided on intense training. Well, it remains to be hoped that she will finally succeed in returning to the form that she dreams of.

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