Eat to lose weight: 10 recipes for Oprah Winfrey, how to throw 18 kg

The talk show queen has released a recipe book that helped her lose weight.

“I love potatoes so much that once I tried to make a potato cocktail”; “I love bread!” – With such statements by Oprah, it is difficult to imagine that the famous TV presenter is on diets. But where then went 40 kilograms, with which Miss Winfrey could not part for so long.

Oprah Winfrey before weight watchers

The 63-year-old TV star admits: over the long years of fighting overweight, she experienced all the possible diets that she ever invented on the planet. Either Oprah ate grapefruits alone or ate only cabbage soup, then she refused carbohydrates according to the Atkins method (another name is the Hollywood diet), and then excluded from the diet “bad fats” according to the American South Beach nutrition system. Or her notorious diet in the late 80s, when Oprah sat on broths and water for four months. As a result, she dramatically lost weight, and after a while gained 40 kilograms!

Therefore, when the TV presenter recently admitted that she had lost a good portion of her weight without denying herself her favorite bread, her fans were intrigued. She described the secrets of losing weight in her cookbook, Food. Health. Happiness”. There are miraculous recipes for dishes on which Oprah lost weight, mixed with stories from her life. For example, about a difficult childhood, when a girl often went hungry. There was no question of proper nutrition then. Since then, Miss Winfrey has been trying to establish her metabolic disorder.

Top 10 Oprah diet food tips

Two-Ingredient Cream Soup

Back in 1978, when Winfrey wanted to lose weight before casting for the role in the TV series “All My Children”, she resorted to using one soup, ridiculously easy to prepare. Boiled broccoli in chicken broth and mashed it. In the updated version of the dish, which appears in the Oprah cookbook, among the ingredients there is also bay leaf, white wine, and cashew sauce (soak raw nuts and chop in a blender). But the soup on which Oprah lost weight is more dietary. And in order not to be so lean, for taste, you can add a little grated cheddar cheese.

Cauliflower instead of potatoes

“Everyone always says that cauliflower puree tastes like potato. And I’ll say that cauliflower tastes like … cauliflower, ”Oprah writes in the book. To fix this, she recommends adding just two boiled and mashed potatoes of the American Yukon Gold variety with a low starch content in mashed potatoes. They will give cauliflower the taste of mashed potatoes.

Turkey instead of beef

Oprah suggests replacing beef and pork with minced turkey. It can be added to lasagna and meatloaf. The taste of this does not spoil. For minced meat, the TV presenter advises to buy breast, and for a richer taste, for example, on a Mexican dish of chili – dark boneless turkey meat. It looks more like beef.

Fish experiments

All nutritionists replicated salmon as the most healthy fish. Oprah offers to try another delicacy – anglerfish (aka monkfish). It has only 82 calories and 0 carbohydrates. And the angler tastes like a lobster. Only Oprah did not take into account that the devil is damn expensive.

Lettuce instead of bread

Wheat cakes, which are used for Mexican tacos, popular in America, Oprah suggests replacing lettuce with daubed butter. And as the filling – grilled shrimp, grated coconut and mango, diced.

Mango for a juicy burger

So, as we found out, Oprah prefers turkey for fatty beef and pork. She also makes burgers out of her. And for the meat to be juicy and aromatic, it adds mango chutney to the minced meat. Chutney is a traditional Indian seasoning that stimulates digestion. True, it takes a very long time to do it: fruits must be cooked until they are completely boiled.

Favorite seasoning in a purse

Cosmetic bag, wallet, phone, and … a jar of truffle zest. Oprah always carries this seasoning in her purse. He says that a small pinch transforms the taste of any dish. And you no longer need to flavor food with fatty sauces and mayonnaise. True, it costs a small jar of grated mushrooms 11-15 dollars.

It’s all about stuffing

Oprah admits: there was a time when she went to shopping centers just for the sake of food courts. There she bought a giant baked potato stuffed with fatty, but, of course, very tasty filling. For herself, she invented a more gentle option. Instead of high-calorie sauces, the TV presenter suggests putting a tablespoon of grated cheddar cheese in hot baked potatoes, as well as broccoli, corn, and green onions.

Down with the oatmeal!

Oprah does not eat oatmeal. The TV presenter preferred quinoa cereal. Boils porridge from it, fries, adding apples and cinnamon. “It’s a great source of fiber,” says the presenter. – Quinoa is gluten-free. It’s also a complete protein.”

Salvation for the Sweet Tooth

If you can not resist sweets, Oprah offers to pamper yourself with sorbet. It is usually less high-calorie than sweets and other desserts because it is made from fruits.

Oprah Winfrey diet company

The Weight Watchers system, which Jessica Simpson once adhered to, is based on a simple and effective principle – to lose weight, you need to eat a little and move a lot. In this case, you can eat almost everything, and each product is assigned points. If you want to gain, for example, 18 points per day, you can do it at least with the help of french fries or, which is especially pleasing to Oprah, eating buns every day. The only “but”: the most high-calorie foods have a lot of points, which means you can’t afford almost anything else that day. Weight Watchers offer counting points in special mobile applications (of course, for a paid subscription), but if you don’t want to cook and calculate points, you can order delivery of ready meals to your home.

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