Conor McGregor’s training routine. One day with the champion.

Conor McGregor. I present to you an exclusive material: training and diet of the famous MMA fighter. Daily routine, favorite strength exercises, hobbies, and culinary preferences of the UFC champion in two weight categories. 

Conor McGregor is one of the most famous MMA fighters. The Irishman is a bright and versatile person. He is active in the media space, are a successful businessman and idol of millions of fans around the world. Conor gained its popularity thanks to victories in the UFC promotion. He is distinguished by a non-standard style based on several types of martial arts. An excellent physical form is impossible without following a diet and a carefully planned individual training program. In this article, we will consider the diet and types of training of the famous Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor meal plan

Conor played in the three UFC divisions: lightweight (up to 145 pounds – up to 65.8 kilograms), lightweight (up to 155 pounds – up to 70.3 kilograms), welterweight (up to 170 pounds – up to 77.1 kilograms). UFC double champion nutritionist is George Lockhart, nutrition and sports, medicine specialist. Lockhart selects individual diets for his wards based on several basic factors. George is not a supporter of extreme diets because, in the long run, they harm the health of the athlete. With each specific client, Lockhart uses the method of “selecting” products through experiments, as well as taking into account the athlete’s eating habits. George developed for McGregor the most comfortable and balanced diet that allows the Irishman to demonstrate high physical performance and at the same time not to feel muscle discomfort. 

While preparing for battle, Conor wakes up at 8 am. He drinks a glass of water, does morning exercises, and some static exercises. At 8:30 am – the first meal:

  • 5 egg omelet or similar cooked;
  • smoked salmon;
  • a glass of coffee (americano);
  • baked apples or a few cherry tomatoes (only if this is the beginning of the training camp).

Conor’s training takes place in the afternoon. He performs 1 or 2 lessons per day for 1.5 hours each. In the morning, jogging in the fresh air or jumping rope without excessive stress is possible.

At 12pm – lunch.

  • a piece of fried red meat (beef, steak) or fried fish (salmon or trout);
  • steamed piece of chicken breast;
  • a large cup of salad dressed with olive oil (about 12 glasses (200 milliliters each) of chopped green and white vegetables: broccoli, spinach, green beans, some types of cucumbers);
  • a glass of coffee (americano).

Before starting the first workout, McGregor consumes a handful of nuts (cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazilian) or a handful of berries (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries). Lockhart advises his ward to consume a protein shake before starting intensive classes. Protein or nuts can be replaced with berries (or grapefruit). They contain fructose necessary for energy, but do not cause a large jump in insulin. At 2 pm – the first workout.

After training (at about 4 p.m.) Conor drinks a protein shake and eats a portion of complex carbohydrates: sweet potatoes or a plate of rice with milk. 

During the day, the Irishman consumes a large amount of water (about 3 liters per day, excluding coffee). Including coconut water.

The interval between the two types of training can be from 3 to 4 hours. At 7 pm, the second lesson (usually physical exercises or training a separate type of martial arts). At 9:30 pm – dinner. tuna or “sushi” options without sauce, slow-cooked beef steak (with blood) boiled green beans After dinner, McGregor takes sports supplements. It is limited to vitamin complexes and drinks vitamin D-3 separately (another name is D-Harmon, about 5-6 thousand international units per day).

The above diet is one of the options for Conor’s diet during its preparation for battle. A distinctive moment of its nutrition is the high quality of products. Weight control occurs due to a decrease or increase in portions of carbohydrates (sweet potatoes, rice). Conor leaves the amount of protein (chicken, beef, fish, eggs) unchanged and consumes a lot of high-quality fats (nuts, olive oil, as well as fats from fish and eggs).

Conor feels comfortable during the diet as his diet is rich in high-fat foods. He will not experience hunger between meals. A balanced diet allows him to receive the necessary amount of energy, which is required for intensive training.

If the process of “weight-lifting” is going according to plan, then on the weekend McGregor can afford something sweet: baked apples with peanut butter, ginger with honey, or a fruit-filled pie. Conor uses limited amounts of alcohol during the off-season: Irish beer. He is the owner of a brand of whiskey, which is sold in many countries of the world.

Conor’s hobby is attending social events. He loves spending free time with his wife and child. The Irishman prefers outdoor activities: diving, swimming, shooting from weapons.

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