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Dr. Nazardan is a very famous person in Houston. We could see him in the show of the TLC channel: « My 600-lb Life », “What happened next” and «My Extreme Excess Skin». We wrote an article about the Slaton sisters, whose history is shown on the same channel. Jonathan Nazardan is a rare specialist who takes on patients with severe obesity. Those who watched the programs with his participation know that treatment begins with the appointment of a special diet.

Dr. Nazardan makes great dietary recommendations. He successfully conducts operations to remove excess skin in those who are in great need of it after losing several hundred pounds.

Principles of weight loss

His diet is based on the following principles:

1. Drinking schedule. So, every hour you need to drink something, it can be water, herbal tea, freshly squeezed juice, fruit smoothie;

2. It is forbidden to include fatty, fried, and spicy dishes in the diet. Allowed methods of processing products are boiling and steaming. Cooked food should be crushed to a puree state;

3. It is recommended that dairy products, broths, liquid cereals, and mashed potatoes be included in the diet;

4. The minimum daily intake of any liquid is 2 liters. The amount of clean water drunk during the day should be at least 50% of the total amount of fluid consumed;

5. Eat high protein meals every 2-3 hours. It is forbidden to overeat.

The feeling of hunger does not have time to arise, because every 60 minutes, the body receives fluid.

 Also, there are other recommendations of specialists for more effective weight loss on a diet:

• A variety of food allowed will make it easier to follow a diet;

• Completely exclude salt from the diet, because it promotes fluid retention in the body;

• Plant food is most useful in its fresh form because during the heat treatment most of the nutrients are lost;

• It is forbidden to starve, this leads to a violation of metabolic processes.

With a sufficient amount of energy, you can do physical training, run, etc. An active lifestyle contributes to an enhanced reduction in excess weight. If you have an irresistible desire to eat something sweet, you can eat a handful of berries, some fruit, or 1 tsp. honey. Any sweet products at this time fall into the list of prohibited products.

The basis of this program is the restoration of water balance. Also, liquid food is absorbed more efficiently than the solid food.

Cooking process

Prepare all dishes on your own. For example, if you buy yogurt, you should make sure that it does not contain sugar and high-calorie supplements. Any food should be brought to a liquid or puree state.

Several options for preparing meals for the Dr. Nazradan diet:

1. Smoothie-cocktail – in a blender mix yogurt (100 g), banana (1 pc.) Add low-calorie cottage cheese (100 g). The drink is perfect to have for breakfast. Do not combine plums and pears with dairy products;

2. A cocktail of vegetables – mix vegetables in a blender: peeled cucumber, tomato, broccoli and dill (100 g of each product);

3. Strawberry-banana smoothie – grind banana (½ pcs) and strawberries (150 g) in a blender, add low-fat kefir and yogurt (30 ml each). You can add a little bit of cinnamon;

4. Vegetable broth (any vegetables can be used, except potatoes). The following products are boiled in water (2 l): beans, carrots, cabbage, onions, parsley, celery, zucchini, garlic, dill, and rice. Pre-soak beans in water, then transfer to vegetables. Add greens after cooking.

5. Protein shake 

Put skim milk or cottage cheese (200 g) and oatmeal in a blender. To improve the taste, add cinnamon, as well as fruits and berries from the list of allowed;

6. Meltwater – a container of water is placed in the freezer. After solidification, place the block under a stream of hot water so that all impurities come out of it. Water will be ready to use when the ice has completely melted. Use this water instead you buy or have at home.

The diet involves eating only in liquid form. It is recommended that all solid foods be excluded from the diet. Food should not be too hot or too cold.

Portion Size

Another principle of Dr. Diet Nowzaradan is keeping track of the amount of food you eat. When drinking liquids, you need to adhere to a special scheme:

1. The first 2 glasses are drunk immediately after waking up. It is not recommended to drink cool water, it is best to drink green tea. The liquid will trigger digestive processes and remove toxins;

2. Before eating, it is recommended that you drink 1 cup of warm water to create a feeling of fullness;

3. The minimum rate of fluid per day is 8 glasses. Such an amount is necessary for the normalization of metabolic processes;

4. The average serving size is 150-200 g. High-calorie intake will not lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Menu rules and dishes sample

The basis of the diet is protein products of plant and animal origin. Ideal fat content is 1–2%. For salad dressing, do not use vegetable oil. Instead, apply lemon juice, soy sauce, or yogurt.

At least 1 time per day, you should eat lean fish or lean meat. If you feel hungry, it is recommended to drink 1 cup of vegetable broth or kefir.

Before use, some products should be diluted with water, broth, or other liquid to the desired consistency.

The following products are prohibited:

• bakery products;

• fruits and berries with high sugar content (bananas, grapes, cherries);

• sugar;

• fried food;

• fatty meats and fish;

• alcohol products.

Dishes that should be included in the menu:

• liquid cereals;

• soups with boiled ingredients;

• fruit, berry, vegetable smoothies diluted with water;

• broths;

• fruit drinks, juices;

• meat and vegetables, crushed to a puree state;

• fermented milk drinks with minimal fat content.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet is also called the “1200 Calories Diet”. But this name does not determine the content of the diet. For you, this number of calories can be very small for a nutritious diet. The daily calorie intake needs to be discussed with a specialist.

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