Celine Dion Strategy for weight loss

Celine Dion is one of those stars that we want to admire. Besides, you can follow her on Instagram. Her appearance is the result of food rationing and regular training.

She is often asked how she lost weight after giving birth. She answers that when you have two children, you are constantly busy, you move a lot, you breastfeed them and lose weight quickly. So her children helped her during the process of losing weight.

Lifestyle rules

She has never been following diets, but always adhered to a healthy way of nutrition. She abandoned sweets, hamburgers and sweet sparkling water completely.

Regarding her appearance and youth, in one of her interviews, she said: “I still hope that someday I will find a miracle remedy that will useful for me. I do not want to be different, I just want to maintain youth. I don’t inject Botox – I can’t afford it, because facial expressions are very important to me”.

Interestingly, Celine Dion refused daily makeup. She prefers the feeling of clean, well-hydrated skin. She does not hide that she was lucky with genetics – she is not leaned to overweight.

Sports and diet following by the example of Celine Dion

“Sport is very important. Even if at 20 you don’t think so, believe me, at 40 you will regret sitting on the couch instead of training in the gym. Do not spare time and money for sports, train with a coach. An only skilled practitioner can correct you if you do the exercises incorrectly and protect you from possible injuries, ”says Celine Dion. Now Celine prefers dancing and stretching.


The shape of the famous singer Celine Dion is unusually elegant. A seven-day diet, which allows you to lose 6-12 pounds, helps save her beauty. The main thing in the diet of the singer’s weight loss program is a soup of vegetables. It can be any soup; the main thing is that there is no potato among the ingredients. Also, following a Dion diet, you should drink a couple of liters of water during the day, preferring mineral still water, green or herbal tea. She advises excluding from the diet not only potatoes but also bread, as well as flour products, carbonated and sugary drinks, alcohol, sugar, sweets, coffee, cocoa, corn, green peas, grapes, beans, bananas. To try the menu for the day like Celine Dion, you can follow this diet:

The first day

 Add vegetable soup, berries and fruits to your menu.

The second day

Eat soup, vegetables. Use lemon juice and finely chopped greens as a dressing.

The third day

Your menu consists of soup, berries, vegetables, and fruits.

The fourth day

Eat soup, low-fat cottage cheese, as well as vegetables.

The fifth day

Eat soup, fish or lean meats (300 grams).

The sixth day

Eat boiled soup, fish or lean meats (300 grams), as well as vegetables.

The seventh day

Soup, porridge made from brown rice, vegetables and steam dishes from them.

To keep the result that will be obtained during the process of the weight loss program of Celine Dion, you need to eat not much, excluding fatty and sweet foods. After this diet, you should eat a lot of food that contains proteins for example meat, as well as lean varieties of fish, eggs and low-fat dairy products. You should also try to limit the amount of bread you eat to one slice per day.

To achieve the maximum result of losing weight, you need follow these rules:

– It is necessary to alternate still mineral water, green tea and broth made from leek;

 – Eating vegetables and cooking soup, do not forget about prohibited vegetables (potatoes and other starchy vegetables);

– There is no need to change the sequence of days because nutritionists took into account the compatibility of products and other subtleties that will allow you to get rid of extra pounds when developing this system of weight loss;

– Following the stabilization program, try to remember that its main goal is not to gain weight you lose again.

We also advise you to consult a doctor before starting to follow the Celine Dion weight loss program.

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