You have 21 days to develop a habit

You have 21 days to develop a habit

There is a rumor that a habit can be formed in 21 days. Would you like to try it? Why not start with your shape? We can guess that you have thoughts about it but were depressed by slow results. You want to be thin in two weeks and start to avoid food. If it is your situation, read this article. Here we explain what to do, how to do and why diet and physical activity is so important. 

It is unreal to get lean belly and attenuate arms neither in 21 days, nor in 21 years, BUT only if you do not make efforts to this.

But, if you put aside all the excuses, forget about laziness, and look forward with enthusiasm and the desire to get the perfect shape, then – you are lucky – everything is possible. If you decide on this, you will succeed.

So, we prepared the information especially for those who chose to work on their shape with no doubts. Here are simple steps that will lead you to achieve your goal.

Change your diet

Diet is not a word that you should associate with hard labor. Just choose another diet, which doesn’t leave you hungry. Make sure that you will get enough calorie content but it should be lower than your daily norm. The caloric deficit is necessary to get rid of extra pounds. If you think that eating not enough will help you, it is false. Your body will gain weight to get fat as a reserve.

You just need to:

  • remove fried food from the diet;
  • normalize sugar;
  • reduce portions.

Within 3 weeks, if you adhere to the basic rules of a healthy diet, your body will rebuild in a new way, metabolic processes will accelerate and fat will go off due to physical exertion.

Include cardio loads in your time planning

Nothing can cope with extra pounds more effectively than cardio. You don’t have to go to the gym or fitness club every day to train your body. Just get up 15 minutes earlier, and instead of watching the favorite TV show, put on your sneakers and jog a circle or two around your house. Isn’t it a good idea? Another effective way to ensure an active process of burning fat is by using a jump rope.

Within 21 days, do 15 minutes of jogging and 15 minutes of exercise with skipping ropes. Thus, you will develop a good habit and remove belly fat.

Body wraps to make your skin elastic and to lose weight

Using some recipes of body wraps, you can get rid of extra pounds on the legs, belly, and arms, as well as tighten stretched skin. Wraps are not recommended for everyday performing; therefore, in a program that is created for 21 days, it is better to provide 7 wraps. That is, practice the procedure every three days. There are two perfect recipes to lose weight:

a) For cooking, you will need a tablespoon of honey, one lemon, as well as three tablespoons of olive oil. Olive oil will enhance the effects of citric acid and other acids that are contained in the lemon, and also protect the skin from stretch marks. The mixture is intensively rubbed into the skin on problem areas of the body, after which it is tightly wrapped with a plastic wrap. On top, you need to wrap some more cloth (heat enhances the effect) and wait from the evening till the morning.

b) To prepare the second mixture, it is necessary to make a strong green tea and allow it to infuse. After that, mix it with 9% vinegar in the proportions 1:1. The technology for applying this mixture for wrapping is different. It is necessary to moisten the fabric with plenty of water in the prepared solution and wrap around the waist. You need to wear something warm and go to bed. In the morning after washing off the rest of the mixture, be sure to apply a moisturizer that will restore the skin after such intense exposure to acid. You can also choose between these wrapping mixes – once honey-lemon then – a mixture based on green tea.

Work with the belly muscles

In addition to belly fat, weak muscles are also a problem.

Even a simple daily workout will help you quickly tighten your belly muscles. Just two exercises that you need to do daily will help you realize your dream of a flat stomach and a slender waist in just 21 days.

We prepare two cool exercises for you:

1) Lying on your back (on the floor), lift both the body and legs above the ground. Pull your hands forward. Thus, you will only touch the buttocks on the floor. In this position, all the muscles of the press are strained, and the load also goes on the hips. Stay in this position for 10 seconds, and then relax. Repeat 20 times. Add 5 times each day.

2) The second exercise is quite simple, and it will train and tighten the side muscles, so you will gain a slender waist. Just stand straight; the distance between your legs on the floor is at least 50 centimeters (approximately shoulder-width apart). Make slopes to the side – alternately to each side. Slope the body to the side as low as possible. Start doing this exercise with three sets of 50 times.

If you follow these simple tips, in 21 days you can get lean belly and slender waist.

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