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We are constantly in search of the best solutions for us; we choose from many options and scratch head by the wealth of choice. This is especially noticeable when we are just planning or starting to do something: we do not know where to start and what to choose. The same situation is during the weight loss process. If you came across such a question, you found on the Internet many tips for losing weight and, besides, diet plans. But very often, it does not work, as it is designed for the “ideal person” who is always motivated, does new tasks without problems, is not afraid of difficulties and easily transfers to a new plan of nutrition and training. However, all human beings have human feelings, and such tasks for us may turn out to be overwhelming at first. In this article, we will tell you about a diet that makes the transition to the new regimen as easy as possible. Do you want to know more about the paleo diet?

The Paleo diet is an interpretation of the diet of our ancestors who lived more than 10 thousand years ago. The result for modern followers is a taut figure and fewer health problems, simply using the paleo menu for a week.

The creators of the Paleo diet have put forward an interesting theory on which this nutrition system is based. Paleo’s nutritional system is based on the idea that a person should eat the same food that his ancestors ate. They claim that the human genome was completely formed in the Paleolithic era and the products that appeared later are unnatural for humans and can lead to diseases and problems. Moreover, this theory has serious scientific evidence.

Therefore, the Paleo diet or the Stone Age diet is based on the fact that we should eat only products that appeared before the creation of agriculture.

The Stone Age diet is based on a large amount of animal protein in a daily diet. And this is its main advantage, because, as we know, animal proteins help to accelerate metabolism, causing weight loss. 

The Paleo nutrition system suggests eating every 5 hours, 3 times a day: our body needs about three hours to absorb protein fully, and subcutaneous fat will be burned for 2 hours.

The benefits of the paleo diet

Sugar level 

Since you exclude all types of refined sugar from the diet on a paleo diet, it is easier to avoid sudden spikes in blood glucose, as well as the feeling of fatigue that occurs when sugar levels drop. If you have diabetes, you should consult your doctor to find out if he approves a paleo diet for you. In any case, if you just want to feel better or lose weight, monitoring sugar levels is a great way to do this.


On a paleo diet, you automatically exclude any products from wheat and other cereals containing gluten. Therefore, in fact, at the paleo, you simultaneously adhere to a gluten-free diet. There is a lot of evidence that gluten is problematic for the digestive system, directly leads to weight gain and is an allergen.

Quality of sleep 

Excluding all artificial additives, you will find that the body naturally becomes tired in the evening. This is because artificial substances from refined foods do not block the serotonin that your brain emits as a signal that it is time to sleep. Besides, when you start to get tired in the evening, you need to allow the body to relax. 

You have more energy and do not count calories 

Adhering to the paleo diet, you get a well-balanced diet with proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, from natural products. This is a great way to be active during the day without resorting, for example, to energy drinks and other tonic agents. Unlike other diets, which are based on reducing calories, the paleo diet allows you to eat until you feel full. And also there is at any time when you feel hunger. Therefore, you are not deficient in energy when you need it.

Paleo is a detox for couch potatoes

Having given up many things familiar in modern life trans fats, monosodium glutamate, refined sugar, gluten, and other artificial additives, you give your body a rest. Getting more antioxidants from fruits, and more fiber from vegetables, you gradually cleanse your body. In general, this gives a detoxifying effect and you will feel better, and your consciousness will become clearer. The best part is that detox is not associated with food restrictions. No need to drink only green juice. You eat as usual (following paleo principles).

Example of paleo menu for the week

If you decide to try to live like ancestors, here is what your menu might look like in its simplest version.


• Breakfast: Fruits, vegetables with egg, fried without oil;

• Lunch: Chicken salad with nuts, with a little olive oil;

• Dinner: Boiled meat, stewed vegetables with salsa sauce.


• Breakfast: Fruits, Eggs, and Bacon;

• Lunch: What remains of Monday’s dinner;

• Dinner: Grilled redfish and vegetables.


• Breakfast: Vegetables and meat;

• Lunch: Vegetables with meat on the leaves of Chinese salad;

• Dinner: Steer-fry from vegetables and beef, berries.


• Breakfast: Fried fruits and eggs without oil;

• Lunch: Nuts and what remains of a Wednesday dinner;

• Dinner: Vegetables and Fried Pork.


• Breakfast: Eggs with vegetables;

• Lunch: Chicken salad with nuts, with a little olive oil;

• Dinner: sweet potato, vegetables, and steak.


• Breakfast: Fruits, Eggs, and Bacon;

• Lunch: What is left of Friday dinner;

• Dinner: Avocados, vegetables, and baked redfish.


• Breakfast: What is left of Saturday dinner;

• Lunch: Vegetables with meat on the leaves of Chinese salad;

• Dinner: Vegetables, grilled chicken with salsa sauce.

Here is such an interesting approach to your regular diet. Share your opinion about this feed system in the comments!

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