Levothyroxine and its effect on the body

At the beginning of the article, it is worth mentioning that levothyroxine is a medicine. If your doctor has prescribed it for you and you want to learn more about how to take this medicine and other facts about it, then continue reading this article.

There are several important rules for taking Levothyroxine:

1. L-thyroxin is always taken before meals for 20-30 minutes, it is necessary to drink it with water;

2. If you forgot to take it before meals, then you can take it 3-4 hours after;

3. In some cases, when a large dose is required, and the drug is not well tolerated, it is allowed to divide the intake 2-3 times a day, that is, 3-4 hours after a meal and 30 minutes before the next meal;

4. In some schemes, you can skip taking L-thyroxine 1 day a week or 2 days a week, but not in a row. The doctor usually talks about such a scheme during a consultation. It can be applied to patients who have a history of CAD, arrhythmias, elderly patients (over 75 years old), etc.;

5. Do not try to change the dose! If you feel uncomfortable while taking this medicine, you must take a blood test for hormones and go to the doctor for an appointment. This is especially important for women during pregnancy when it is important to carefully observe the dose of Levothyroxine;

6. At the selected dose – hormone control should be carried out, usually 2 times a year. When selecting a dose – 1 time in 2 months;

The most common side effects

Palpitations, sweating, irritability are quite common side effects in those who take the medicine. If these symptoms do not disappear within 10 days, then it is worth discussing with the attending physician a dose change.

L-thyroxin is not combined at the same time with drugs: iron, calcium, antacids; the difference between the doses of these drugs should be 4 hours.

When the drug is canceled, the entire dose is canceled immediately, without a gradual decrease.

Due to surgery or other circumstances, L-thyroxin cannot be taken for a maximum of 1 week!

Very rarely, patients have a very high sensitivity to L-thyroxin, and the dose taken is only 12.5 mcg, 25 mcg, or 37.5 mcg, the doses above cause an overdose sensation.

Another drug compatibility

Taking L-thyroxin and other drugs at the same time can change the indicators of thyroid-stimulating hormone, the changes of which can only be evaluated by a doctor.

Also, L-thyroxin changes the metabolism in the body, so metabolism changes with compatibility with the drugs taken, for example – antidepressants, cardiac glycosides, anticoagulants, some sugar-lowering drugs, anabolic drugs, furosemide, phenobarbital, carbamazepine, salicylates, and other.

It is important to remember that in the morning, after taking L-thyroxin, it is necessary to limit the intake of milk, soy products, coffee, and meat.

Pharmacological properties

• Increased tissue oxygen demand;

• Acceleration of lipid, carbohydrate and protein metabolism;

• Thermogenesis (increased heat production): increased sweating and blood flow. As a result, an increase in the rate of fat burning;

• Relieves swelling, removes excess fluid from the body, due to the weak diuretic effect;

• Increase in working capacity and endurance, decrease in appetite, and need for sleep due to stimulation of the activity of nerve cells.

Side effects

The following side effects are possible:

• heart rhythm disturbance (arrhythmia, tachycardia, angina pectoris);

• diarrhea, vomiting;

• increased excitability;

• insomnia, feelings of anxiety;


• menstrual irregularities;

• increase in blood pressure;

• allergic reactions;

• muscle tremors;

• With prolonged use, osteoporosis may develop, since an excess of thyroxin cause calcium depletion from the bones.

Taking of L-thyroxin accelerates all metabolic processes in the body, but protein also leaves with fat tissue. You lose not only fat but also the muscles that are made up of proteins.

With prolonged use of this hormonal drug, the heart muscle is significantly weakened. Therefore, weigh up the pros and cons before taking L-thyroxin for weight loss.

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