Is it possible to lose weight in a day and how to do it

If you are looking for a way to lose weight the day before an important event, it is better to abandon such an idea, without harm to health it is impossible. Even if you manage to throw a little by fasting, these kilograms will quickly return. But there are ways to look a little slimmer on an important day, just getting rid of excess fluid.

Is it possible to lose weight in a day: expert opinion

A slender and toned body is the result of hard and long work. Most nutritionists and trainers are categorically against a sharp change in body weight, this entails too many health problems.

The lost weight returns as quickly as it left. In one day, you can get rid of edema and slightly tighten the skin using special procedures.

Procedures for quick harmony:

  • fasting day on yogurt or apples will help to remove excess interstitial fluid and give unloading to the stomach;
  • massage will speed up blood circulation and restore skin tone;
  • prunes, baked apples and raw carrots with oil improve intestinal motility, help cope with bloating and constipation, this will visually make the figure slimmer and remove the tummy;
  • simple and effective: wear corrective underwear.

These procedures do not lead to weight loss per se but make the body visually slimmer and lighter.

How much can you lose weight per day without harm to health?

Losing weight quickly and effectively is impossible. This is a long complex process, a complete change in lifestyle. In one day you can lose 1, a maximum of 2 kilograms. And it will not be fat, but interstitial fluid, muscles, and toxins.

If it is fundamentally important for you to lose a little weight in one day, then adhere to the following scheme:

  • In the morning on an empty stomach drink freshly brewed green tea, it invigorates and has a slight diuretic effect;
  • Drink low-fat kefir throughout the day. For the best effect, you can make a smoothie with fresh cucumber;
  • Go for a massage to remove excess fluid and increase skin elasticity;
  • Independently rub yourself in the shower with a stiff brush;
  • If you have constipation or are tormented by gas and bloating, as an exception, make an enema, it will cleanse the intestines and remove the air.

These measures will help to remove minor problems, but there may be consequences in the form of skin rashes and a sharp drop in pressure.

5 real ways to lose weight in a dream

Tomorrow you have an important meeting in your plans – a job interview, a date with your loved one, or a long-awaited photo shoot, but you do not fit into your best dress? Do not despair and panic. Especially for cases when there is no time for diets, and you need to build immediately, we have selected the 5 most effective ways to lose weight in just one night.

Sugar Yogurt Smoothie

Yes, you heard right, the main ingredients of this miracle drink are a glass of sugar and half a liter of yogurt. Drinking such a cocktail at night, you saturate your body with complex carbohydrates, for the absorption of which your body is forced to spend more calories than it receives from them. Inexplicably, but the fact is that in the morning you will find a weight loss of up to 2 kg.

Rice day

It’s no secret that excess fluid in the body leads to edema and weight gain. One of the most common causes of this is excessive salt intake. Uncleaned rice – black or brown – will help remove excess water and at the same time rid the body of toxins. Try to eat only such rice during the day and the next morning the scales will delight you weighing 1-2 kg less than before. But remember that during cooking we refrain from adding salt to the dish, otherwise the whole process will lose its meaning and there will be no effect from such a mono-diet.

Beetroot Salad

It doesn’t sound too tasty, but it works! Beets are rich in fiber, and when interacting with water, it swells in the intestines. Firstly, it will provide you with a long feeling of satiety, secondly, beets rich in fiber will “attract” all excess waste and naturally remove them, and thirdly, the body needs to spend more calories on the digestion of beets than is contained in the vegetable itself. As you can see, there are some pluses from eating beets, so do not waste time and rather prepare a magic salad: cook a large beet, wipe it on a fine grater and add a drop of olive oil. Mix everything thoroughly. Salad should be eaten before bedtime with a glass of warm water. In the morning you will be pleasantly surprised because your weight will decrease by exactly 1 kg.

Salt bath

By refusing dinner, you will reduce your daily calorie intake, which will inevitably lead to weight loss. A warm evening bath with salt or soda will help to strengthen the result. Just 10-20 minutes in such a bath, and then an hour under the covers will create the effect of a greenhouse. Such a simple way will allow you to lose 2 kg in one procedure, or maybe more – depending on your initial weight. Isn’t it a nice alternative to evening snacks?

Slimming Wraps

Of course, we could not forget about night wraps, which allow you to lose up to 3 kg during sleep. Honey, vinegar, wrap with oils – choose to your taste. The algorithm of actions is the same everywhere: you take one of the above ingredients, rub it into the skin with massage movements, then wrap yourself with cling film and climb under the covers. Thanks to the wraps, blood circulation improves, sweat and sebaceous glands begin to work intensely, which leads to the elimination of accumulated toxins and toxins. And, of course, you are losing weight! In the morning, it remains only to wash off the remnants of the applied product from the skin and enjoy the result.

It is impossible to lose weight quickly – in one day you will get rid of edema and toxins as much as possible. If you are overweight, it is better to exercise and eat right.

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