How to avoid addiction to fat burners

In one of the latest articles, we have written about fat burners for men. We described how they affect the body and in which case they can be consumed without harm to health. In this article, we will consider what consequences should you expect from an overdose and other rules.

When is it better to stop taking the fat burner?

Many supplements include 7-10 active ingredients. Manufacturers always indicate on the packaging that athletes may experience intolerance to certain substances. Therefore, before starting the intake, it is necessary to check the reaction to the supplement, taking the minimum dosage. Fat burning medication should be discontinued in the following cases:

• If tremor of limbs occurs after taking;

• a headache after taking the supplement;

• Negative effects of the cardiovascular system (arrhythmia, tachycardia, severe shortness of breath and others);

• Nausea occurs after ingestion and persists for more than 2-3 days.

Methods and taking rules 

The choice of a fat burner plays a significant role, but it is much more important to adhere to the rules for taking the supplement. Even the best fat burner for men can have almost no effect. For the supplement to be effective, you must:

• Increase water consumption during the period of intake of the fat burner;

• Provide a calorie deficit through diet;

• Increase the number of workouts and daily physical activity;

• Normalize sleep for a full recovery.

If any of these points are not observed, the fat burner will act much weaker or the effect will be completely absent.

Most supplements are taken 1 or 2 times a day. The first intake is always carried out in the morning, immediately after a meal (this option is better to avoid digestive problems). The second portion is recommended to drink before training, in the afternoon. In this case, the supplement will act as a pre-workout complex. Taking more than 2 capsules is not recommended in all cases unless otherwise indicated on the package.


Strict adherence to the dosages indicated by the manufacturer is necessary. Exceeding the recommended daily intake will cause some negative consequences (nausea, dizziness, anxiety, tremor of the extremities, etc.). In the evening, a portion of the supplement should be consumed no later than 4 hours before bedtime. All effective fat burners to eliminate body fat include CNS stimulants that can trigger insomnia.

If the manufacturer indicates the average estimated body weight for one serving, the man needs to make a dosage adjustment. For example, if the dosages meet the standards of athletes with a bodyweight of 200 pounds, then an athlete with a weight of 160 pounds should drink no more than one serving per day (minimum dosage).

Physical activity

Increased physical activity and frequent training are necessary conditions for supplement effectiveness. Without exercise and increased calorie expenditure, even the most powerful fat burner for men will not produce the desired effect. For fat-burning supplements for men, the reviews of athletes and sports experts carry recommendations:

• 3-4 strength training per week;

• 3-5 cardio sessions (including 2-3 high-intensity and 2 low-intensity);

• One day of the rest per week.


Diet is a key element without which supplements will be completely useless. So, it is necessary:

• Consume fewer calories;

• Increase the number of protein products and reduce fat intake;

• Exclude fast carbohydrates from the diet as much as possible;

• Divide the daily diet into 5-6 portions.

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