DASH Diet - the Simple way: 60 lb weight loss

DASH Diet – the Simple way: 60 lb weight loss

You are ready to read the next article on proper nutrition, healthy foods, and sports. Alas, it will happen. If you think that you can lose weight by eating junk, fatty foods from fast food, into a drink with sweet soda, and kilograms will go away – then learn magic or some spells and if that helps, call me. Contrary to the promises of marketers that miracle tea will turn me into a super-model, and the powder for burning fat has not left a trace of my thick legs, I know that only a properly selected diet will help me. Only with its help can I achieve the desired result.

Stage 1: Your goal.

If you don’t know what you want to see in the end result, then don’t expect any motivation that will make it easier to endure all the trials.

I determined the goal by two criteria: accuracy and imagination. It was accuracy: 60 lb (the weight I wanted to lose), imagining my image of a slender woman in front of a mirror.

Stage 2: Make a plan.

Do not try to start doing everything at once. If you, like me, have chosen the DASH diet as the option that suits you the most, try to find as much information that is useful to you online or contact a specialist.

Stage 3: Humility.

Accept that in the beginning you will be burning with this idea and want to realize it faster, but the further the time goes, the more likely you are to break it. Be impassive. Humble yourself.

Read more description of the DASH diet and my path

The diet is aimed not only at losing weight, but also at improving the body as a whole. The DASH diet plays an important role in the cardiovascular system, and is aimed at reducing the risk of heart disease, and is also opposed to high blood pressure.

The basis of nutrition includes dietary meat, a large amount of unprocessed food (vegetables and fruits), as well as whole-grain products.

Researchers have noticed that people who mostly eat plant foods are less likely to experience high blood pressure.

The second thing I turned my attention to is salt intake. I significantly reduced salt intake and soon noticed a result. The DAS diet reduces the chance of getting cancer. You give the body only what it really needs, satisfy the needs of the body, do not experience discomfort or discomfort, while observing the norm that puts your weight in order. But will that be enough to lose 60 pounds? – That was the question I asked when I set myself the first goal.

The answer was obvious – everything is very individual, and depends on the initial weight and how competently you write your diet. It seemed to me that it would be more effective if I add exercise, but where to start?

Exercise + DASH diet = goal achieved

Any person who has never dealt with sports, only in words will think that everything is quite simple. But as soon as you put on a tracksuit and come to the gym, a lot of questions arise before you. Even after a few workouts, you will think: how effective was I? Will my training helps me? Maybe I can do more and better?

Try to answer these questions yourself, for example, if you feel that 3 sets of 50 squats are easy for you – increase the load. 5 kilometers of jogging is also easy, speed up or increase the distance. Nobody feels your body as good as you, so try to listen to it. If you can’t reach an understanding in this matter with yourself, contact a professional who will not be difficult to find at all.

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