Timbaland’s weight loss story 2020

The story of Timothy Mosley (real name of the singer) is unique. It is about how a person was able to help himself, did not give up during the struggle for happiness and found a way to live a new life.

Timbaland’s main goal was not to lose weight but to keep a healthy lifestyle. That is why experts advise not to pay attention to extra pounds but to a mental state in order to achieve the goal of losing weight.

Timbaland weight gain has been associated with life difficulties and a creative crisis. Maybe you heard that this happens to many celebrities and popular people. But in the case of the singer at one moment, everything has gone too far. For the treatment of depression, doctors prescribed drugs for him. “Painkillers gave me a feeling of freedom and carelessness. I loved traveling, arranging all kinds of shows, having fun and living for the moment”, the singer shared. Moreover, he had another passion – drugs. According to him, during the drug period, he began to feel how it begins to crumble his life sharply. He divorced his wife Monique Mosley in the summer of 2015. After that Timbaland suffered financial problems, he disappeared from the Hollywood horizon, and addiction to pills increased even more.

But the desire to change life for the better, to feel perfect in a new body and to see how his children grow up was stronger. After a dream in which he saw himself dead, Timbaland started to change his lifestyle.

Regular exhausting workouts, a new diet, giving up bad habits – all this led to a loss of 130 pounds (!). What type of workout does Timbaland prefer and what is his routine?

Strength training is used to achieve such goals as adaptation and getting used to muscles of various types of loads, growth and increase of muscle mass, improvement of the male body. This is the kind of training that chooses Timothy Mosley. In this article, we will give some examples of training programs that you can discuss with your trainer.

Weight training

Pullups 4 sets of 12 reps;

push-ups on the bars 3 sets of 10 times;

push-ups with a narrow grip 4 sets of 10 times;

Squats 4 sets of 10 times; lunges 3 sets of 10 times.

Since strength training implies just such a range of repetitions (2-15), and the muscles quickly adapt to this type of load, in each exercise you can use various weights, such as cuffs with sand or any other filler, bottles with sand, or specialized for its weights.

Increase muscle mass

bench press 4 × 10 (hereinafter 4 – approaches, 10 – repetitions) with 70%;

pullover with dumbbells 3×10; 

French 4×12 bench press with 50%;

extension with dumbbells from behind the head 3×10;

push-ups on the bars 3×8.

For burning fat

squats behind the barbell on the back 4 sets of 12 repetitions;

leg extension in the simulator 3×20;

3×15 Hack Squats draft of dumbbells on straight legs 3×20.

Gym workout 

pull-ups 3×10;

biceps flexing in a 3×10 crossover;

exercise “hammer” for biceps 3×12.

You should be careful with the number of repetitions, since sweating results in even more active loss of minerals and salts needed by the body, which, in turn, can lead to increased injuries. And also you need to be careful when training with free weights, and at the initial stage, it is better to completely exclude this work, replacing it with a similar one in the simulator. This is justified by the fact that with aging, the elasticity of the ligaments and the mobility of the joints decreases, thus using an uncontrolled weight, there is a high risk of injury.

Stretching after weight training

An important stage of strength training is stretching. It is carried out after the end of the main training plan, to prevent injuries, improve joint mobility, moderate stretching of tendons and ligaments, and better recovery of muscle fibers after a stress load.

An example of stretching after training legs:

Stretching of adductor muscles and hips

You need to lean on the wall and sit down parallel to the floor. Then, rest your elbows on the knee joint, and bring your palms together. In this pose, “sit” for 15-30 seconds and repeat 1-3 sets.

Stretching the back of the thigh

You should spread your legs wide and bend over. In this position, spend from 15 to 30 seconds, after which it will bend towards the right foot and left foot in turn, also delaying for the same time. Stretching the front of the thigh. It is necessary to make a deep attack and stay in this position for 15-30 seconds. Change your leg. After this practice of stretching, you will feel the ease and desire to train again and again.

Everyone knows that our body is the result of 20% of work and 80% of the diet. What type of food did Timbaland choose?

He eats fruits, vegetables, greens, and he doesn’t cook dishes, but orders in the services of healthy food. Timbaland drinks water with lemon and protein drinks.

Here is a sample menu for the day the singer orders every day:


Fried 3 eggs with one tomato and basil;

Grain bread;

Sugar-free coffee;

Dessert of watermelon and yogurt.


Milkshake with one banana and a pinch of cinnamon.


Salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and garlic in olive oil;

Salmon with rice and vegetables;

Dessert – dried fruits, cereal cookies, and unsweetened tea.




Protein shakes

As we already know, he drinks protein shakes. What are its benefits?

Proteins are the main building material in the body. Also, they include antibodies that protect a person from infection, and hemoglobin, which is extremely necessary for athletes. A lack of proteins can cause problems such as weight gain, deterioration of the skin and hair.

These are drinks that will help to satisfy hunger quickly. They are perfectly absorbed by the body and do not violate the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Today, nutritionists recommend men and women who want to have a slim and fit body regularly consume a protein drink. Such cocktails also help:

  • Strengthen immunity;
  • Normalize hormonal levels;
  • Improve the digestive system.

To lose weight, nutritionists recommend replacing a standard meal with a drinking of protein drink twice a day. After it, a person does not feel hunger for a long time. However, his body does not suffer from a lack of nutrients. It receives a sufficient charge of energy, therefore it maintains excellent performance.

Timbaland’s example affects many of us. What difficulties did you face when changing your lifestyle? Share your experience with other readers.

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