Kevin Smith weight loss 2019

Kevin Smith weight loss 2019

Kevin Patrick Smith has long established himself as a strong personality, with a share of individualism and great will! He was able to survive a heart attack and completely change his lifestyle.

The start was made in 2010, when one of the airlines announced that the passenger sitting next to him would be uncomfortable to sit, or in case of emergency, due to overweight Kevin. Then 5 years of tough struggle with kilograms and in 2015 an insignificant result of his efforts was noticeable. Looking at Kevin now, it’s hard to believe, because it would never have occurred to anyone that he was a fat man in the past, but on Instagram, he posted # 10yearchellenge. Subscribers who have followed Kevin’s life recently were amazed at how he transformed and was like a completely different person. Earlier, doctors told Kevin that he should lose 50 extra pounds and refuse meat. After a heart attack, Kevin seriously began to worry about his health, so after 6 months he shared the result of losing 51 pounds! Apparently, he was able to easily cope with this and other tasks that we will talk about later.

How Kevin Smith Lost Weight Until 2019 Through Vegetarianism

When Kevin refused animal products, he lost 17 pounds in the first 9 days, which he told subscribers on his Instagram. He thanked Ray Cronise, author of “Idiot’s Guide: Plant-Based Nutrition,” and magician Penn Jillette, who turned him onto the diet.

What an amazing change! At first, he was overweight and had health problems, but then he pulled himself together and became the healthiest! This was also said by his family, which is glad to see their father like that.

Smith hastened to assure everyone that despite the rejection of many products, he continues to eat deliciously and does not feel deprived of something.

In a podcast by Joe Rogan, Kevin Smith shared the results of doctors who said that his blood cholesterol was halved. He also talked about LA’s vegan Crossroads Kitchen, which makes plant-based meatball subs.

He is not only proud of his results and his choices, but also tries to encourage others to such a way of life, constantly highlighting the advantages of refusing meat. In total, he lost about 80 pounds in 10 years, suffered a heart attack immediately after the concert, but remained strong and brave in the face of death.

Conclusions taught by Kevin Smith

Do not think that you know some situations ahead of time. Until you try to apply the tips that promise to change your life, do not put them off. Being slim and healthy is much better, the fat man with health problems. Sometimes it may seem to you that life without tasty food, alcohol, and cigarettes is boring enough, but it’s all just self-deception, and you will see that it’s worth it.

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