Harris Faulkner about her life rules

Harris Faulkner about her life rules

Just a girl who decided to go for it. This is the motto of the famous TV presenter Harris Faulkner. This is her life principle, which she transferred to different areas of her life. After several years as a presenter on various shows, she started her project called ‘Outnumbered Overtime’.

In addition to a successful career as a TV presenter, she is the author of several books, among which is one of the most popular: “A guide to success from the daughter of a military man.” She says that most of us in life need military principles. Harris is the daughter of a lieutenant colonel who spent two terms in Vietnam. She grew up listening to battle stories, where success often defined the issue of life and death.

The importance of her appearance 

In one of her interviews, she does not hide the fact that on the set she must glow. “In addition to the correct makeup, the colors for which we are discussing with my makeup artist, the right clothes and other details, I need to look great.” First of all, I care about my skin. For this, I use natural-based products, and I also try to visit the spa as often as possible.

There are no standard programs that are ideally suited to all people; each procedure is selected individually by a cosmetologist, based on indications of the state of health, each client’s preferences, cosmetic problems, as well as the type of skin and many other parameters that are negotiated privately. Such complex procedures have a rejuvenating effect on the skin, and they certainly have a beneficial effect on the patient’s health.

Most of the cosmetic products used in the spa contain ingredients known for their detoxifying effect (algae, mud), which can be of great help in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, as well as in the rehabilitation phase.

Penetrating beneficial salts and minerals through the skin pores, they help to limit the intake of harmful microorganisms into the body and generally strengthen the immune system. Besides, each spa-procedure allows you to relax, which in turn calms the nervous system and gives peace.

We can conclude that the spa is one of the fastest ways to bring your health state back to normal, cleanse your skin of toxins. Perhaps that is why Harris Faulkner chooses spa treatments.


If you follow Harris Faulkner on Instagram, you may have noticed that she loves horse riding. So this is the way how she manages to maintain such a healthy appearance and excellent figure!

Let’s consider the benefits of horse riding for our health.

Horse riding is an ideal opportunity for a woman to relax, get a generous portion of positive emotions and lose weight. At the same time, the load on the joints and spine is minimal, in contrast to running and strength training with a barbell. However, riding still gives a powerful load on the body, strengthening the muscles of the back, legs, buttocks, and abdominals. The quadriceps and calf muscles are excellently trained because the rider has to climb on tiptoes all the time. The biceps and triceps work great, as well as the muscles that are stabilizers of the body, are responsible for a flat stomach and a beautiful posture. The particularly heavy load falls on the oblique muscles of the abdomen and the inner surface of the thigh because you need to squeeze the sides of the horse intensively enough to stay in the saddle. If you consider that these are hard-to-reach muscles that are not easy to work out in the gym, it becomes obvious that fitness in the saddle is effective for modeling a figure. Naturally, sometime after such training, you will say goodbye to cellulite forever!

Horse riding as aerobics

During riding, a person’s pulse rises to 110–170 beats per minute, but the heart is not subjected to a serious load, because we do not make any movements – only the horse moves. We get all the benefits of aerobic exercise in a very gentle mode. Also, you have to bend, turn, rotate the body and maintain balance always, even though the rider seems motionless. At least half an hour later, the horse and the person who runs it will get tired and breathe equally.

Even if you are a beginner and just learn to stay in the saddle, in an hour you can easily burn about 300 kcal, and when you learn to ride a trot, you will spend 500 calories per hour, while a gallop will allow you to spend about 700 calories. With such workouts, you can even afford a more high-calorie diet without worrying about your figure.

Stress avoiding

Women in the modern conditions of life have a hard time because many of them make a career and at the same time take care of family and children. How to stay calm and peaceful at the same time? Very few people succeed, but if you are engaged in horse riding, then your psyche will not suffer even in difficult life circumstances.

Negative Side Effects

Riding is not recommended for osteoporosis, kidney disease, malignant hypertension, bronchial asthma, thrombophlebitis, allergies to horse coats, brittle bones and exacerbation of any disease. Before visiting a hippodrome, be sure to consult a doctor and find out if you can go horse riding.

Horse riding on rough terrain rather than on an asphalt road is best. The fact is that for a horse such conditions are uncomfortable, and for a person too – because of the high load on the joints.

Harris Faulkner’s Life Principles

The first words in the book ‘9 Rules of Engagement: A Military Brat’s Guide to Life and Success’, which about we mentioned earlier, are: “Assemble your special squad.” A well-known TV presenter believes that it is vital to find your team of people whom you can trust. She clarifies that we select people for specific missions. With her views, she is grateful to her father, who taught her a lot.

“I was able to rise – now my goal is to help others rise, no matter – these are men or women.” This phrase has inspired many. She communicates with people who turn to her and never refuses help. Her faith in God – determined the purpose in life. She strictly ensures that in her environment people follow Christian rules.

Do you like Harris Faulkner’s example? What rules of her life would you transfer to yours?


  1. Wow Harris you look great. But you look great before also.

  2. Harris, I absolutely love you. I live in Kansas City, Missouri and followed you then.

    I’m worried that you’re losing too much weight. You are gorgeous anyway, but I hope there’s no illness or overly stressed at home or work.

  3. You are a beautiful educated articulate women who appears to be heading towards an an eating disorder

  4. I have noticed that Harris looks extremely thin. I hope she is in good health.
    You are a beautiful and amazing woman.
    Please be careful to not go too far with your weight loss.
    Listen to the people closest to you.
    Sometimes we do not see ourselves as we
    really look.

  5. Is Harris well. She is very thin. Hope all is good. She is great at her job

  6. You are beautiful, but you do not look healthy. You’d look better with a few more pounds.

  7. Harris you look healthy and beautiful! Don’t you love it when you are the weight you want to be or maybe a little less and someone tells you you don’t look healthy? Really???

  8. Love you young lady. As a woman senior citizen I think you represent what every mother and grandmother would love her girls to be like. Beautiful inside as well as outside, articulate, educated, classy and principled. Thank you. As a grandmother, I ask you not to lose anymore weight. I thought you were absolulutly perfect before. God bless.

  9. Harris, Just saw your interview with President Trump. This actually was one of the best interviews since Trump became president. You were able to draw empathy (which he lacks) out of him and you are able to transcend the black/white barrier. You make him look better because you ask the right questions and dig. Trump is not an easy politician to pin down for honest answers and quite frankly I believe you are very disarming which makes him look like a human.

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